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Video Games: Borderlands 2(Sealed) Dragon's Dogma(Reviewed) Metal Gear Rising Revegeance & XCOM T-shirts. Sold out FPS Kontrol Freek COD BLoPS2 Special Edition. Dota 2 Championships Complete Press Kit w/ Drodo the Druffin Unused Key. $0.99 Auctions.

Thanks for bidding. Most of you know that BatRastered & I operate Gouki.com LLC from our home in Las Vegas. We appreciate your support. We also manage DropTheBelt.com on a fulltime basis as well. There are also minor side projects we're on & a major announcement to come soon. So again, thanks for bidding. Gouki members will always get an extra bonus. Message me on eBay your Gouki member name. Don't be a Jimmy!

Borderlands 2 Sealed Xbox D2D ship.


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E3 2012 Swag $1 auctions. There's some Buy it Now's in there for you Jimmys that can't control yourself. You can also win most of these items in our E3 2012 Swag Bag giveaway. All purchases directly support Gouki.com keeping our servers up. Thank you.

E3 2012 Swag Fund Raiser for Gouki.com. All of our E3 Swag Auctions start at $1 and all funds help us pay back the large debt we inccurred while in L.A covering E3. Thank you for bidding on our Auctions. You may also enter for a chance to win 1 of everything we got from E3 on our website.

Please read the descriptions for each item. Thank you for your support.

All items ship USPS the next day after payment is received. Serious bidders only. Ships Worldwide. Check our feed back and bid with confidence.

Aliens bandana. You could only get this at E3 2012 if you played the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer against the Devs.  (1) (2) available.

Dead or Alive 5. "I'm a Fighter" necklace chain and button. Exactly what is in the picture. (1) (2) available.

1 button and 1 Starman card. (1) (2) (3) available.

Bethesda speaker set featuring The Elder Scrolls Online & Dishonored. Sealed. You will also get 1 Dishonored tattoo. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) available. 

Wreck-It Ralph T-shirt (Large) & Xbox Live Avatar DLC code E3 2012 Swag. The code is for an avatar t-shirt. (1) available

Highest bidder will get their choice of either the Gandolf or the Sauron t-shirt (Large) Only 1 shirt is for auction, but you can choose which one you want. Both sizes are Large. The front of the shirt is the Guardians of Middle-Earth logo. (1) available.

InJustice Gods Among Us t-shirt (Extra Large.) You could only get these shirts if you watched the InJustice demo at E3 2012. (1) (2) available.

Persona 4 Arena t-shirt (XL) & Badge Card. You had to be online and take your picture with some booth babes to get this shirt. (1) available.

Borderlands 2 button. You had to play the floor demo at E3 2012 to get this. (1) (2) available.

Borderlands 2 Fight Back t-shirt (L or XL) Button & PC LOOT DLC card. Your choice of Large or Extra Large. (1) available.

Borderlands 2 Beware of Skags t-shirt (L or XL) Button & PC LOOT DLC code. Your choice of Large or Extra Large. (1) available. 

You can view all of our E3 auctions on our EBAY PAGE.

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Community Blog


Thanks for the Pax Swag

By: DragonKiss83 Sep 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

Arth beat me to it, so I had to try and fing a more creative way to share.

So once again I have been hooked up by Gouki.com, this time it was some great swag from Pax 2011.  Arth posted his story showing the package we got.  So I decided to do something special.  

The first shot was fun, but it just didn't stand out.

So I figured Master Chief could use a trip to the beach.

And my son of course had to join the fun.  There was also a pic of him with the Omniblade, but it didn't come out good.

So once again I am a happy jimmy thanks to the crew here.  Thanks again guys.  

An exclusive EVO 2011 video with Gouki.com's BatRastered and Team Mad Catz' Alex Verrey showing you what's new at the Mad Catz store.

We've told you about the upcoming fightstick bags already, now we go hands on with them at the Mad Catz booth at EVO 2011. There's also a hand full of other great Mad Catz gear to check out.

Don't be a Jimmy; protect your stick!

Don't forget, you can save 10% off your Mad Catz store order with code GOUKISTICKS exclusively from Gouki.com!

Bonus: Here's a short code to the bags for you to tweet: http://bit.ly/fightstickbag



Member Exclusive: Who wants some E3 2011 Swag?

By: goukijones Jun 21, 2011 | 76 Comments

Member Exclusive: We're going to review the recent activity and select 5 Gouki.com members to take their pick from our E3 2011 Swag Bag. Check out all the Badass Niceness. Don't be a Jimmy!

Okay so over the course of the next couple of days we will be announcing the winners. Look at all of this beautiful stuff we got below. Take your pick. 

Mini Golden FightSticks from Mad Catz and if you are first pick on this you get the bonus lanyard as seen in the picture.

Aliens Colonial Marines T-shirt. You had to stand in line to get these. Please Specify L or XL if you choose this swag.

Bethesda Keychain Set. Skyrim, Prey 2 and Rage Keychain.

Bastion Bandana. First pick gets that sweet postcard as a bonus.

Dead Island Mystery Book. We don't know what's inside. 

Gears of War 3 Hot Topic Shirt. As seen on Ice-T during the Microsoft Press Conference. 2XL Only.

Star Wars Postcard set. I found these hidden in a back room at the Los Angeles Convention Center. *Rare

Toy Soldiers T-shirt. Please specify L or XL if you choose this swag.

What's a Lanyard? Take your pick from Nintendo Zelda, WWE '12, Microsoft Magic Marker or something else game. 

World of Tanks Media Kit. Demo, Pen, 2 tanks, and a T-shirt.

Kinect Blue Balls. LOLOLOLOLOL

Deus Ex Human Revolution Sleeves. You know like shirt sleeves. Just the sleeve part.

FnJimmy will show you. He got two. We got 6 more to giveaway.

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