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DragonKiss83 Posted by: DragonKiss83 Mar 31, 2011 | 6 comments
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The Demo came out on PSN yesterday, so I had to try it.

The trailer was posted by iorilamia here

And now that the demo is up I was ready to try it out.  Square Enix had my attention, now I decide if they get my money.

You have 4 characters to choose from, Seyfert, Hitori, Tolby, and Ourion.  How far you get depends on how you play, make it to the boss and the game feels way different.

On my own I tried each character, but when you team up the game gets better.  Had this been at the arcades when I was growing up I would have played the shit out of it.  Right now you can get the full game on PSN for 14.99, Xbox 360 users will have to wait.  As you play your character levels up and eventually gets some new skills.  And with four different characters to choose from chances are you'll play it through a few times.

Seyfert has a projectile you can use.

Hitori is slower but has an attack that damages all on screen enemies.

Tolby might have been the fastest, and has a special that freeze all enemies on screen.

Ourion was the slowest, had the most physical attack strenght, but I didn't get a special attack.

With a free demo I'ld suggest you play it before you buy it, but if my son likes it I'll be getting the full version soon.  But if you like the old school side scrollers I think you'll enjot this a lot.   Paying $15 for it if you have some extra cash is woth it to me, you get 12 Levels with a few stages to each.  So overall I say buy it.




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