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My Offline Experience with PS3

By: iorilamia May 5, 2011 | 20 Comments

Playstation Network has been offline for about 2 weeks and that simply sucks. See how it has affected my play-styles and view of offline gaming. What have you been doing with your PS3 the last two weeks?

Oh How I should have traded it in for a PRAYstation while I had the chance; joking.  PSN has been down a while as all of you may know, and it sucks. Right before PSN went down, I bought PS cards to download ArcanaHeart 3, MoonDiver dlc pack 1, and Steel Rain Map Pack for Killzone3. What has really bummed me out was the ArcanaHeart part , no rhyme intended. Could have been learning a new game while PSN was offline. Whch leads me too the off-line gaming I've been doing ever since.

Been buying Odin's Beer offline in Marvel Vs.Capcom 3. For the first time, I've been using training mode as a vs. match (taking away health regenerations and treating it like a real match). Most people I know have been busy with finals week, so not being able to get together to play and not have the option to play online is a double whammy. Playing certain CPU teams on highest difficulty over and over again has made me realize a few things. Fist, I am impatient and screw up pretty badly when people have great defense ; do some unsafe stuff. Second, I don't push block physical attacks at the right situation too often and last, CPU's have the stupidest (and by stupid I mean amazingly beastly) hit-confirms ever. But why does this matter? CPUs aren't as good as high level people that i for sure, but it has definitely stepped up by game. Knowing one mistake leads into a ridiculous combo that won't be missed and will most likely be maximized, knowing as soon as I press a button the game reads it and reacts ridiculously fast to what I do has definitely made me improve. 

Bulletstorm....hooooooooly sh*t I put you in my PS3 again?! Yea, even though MVC3 has taken up most of my offline time, I played a little Echo Mode. Echo was the "multiplayer" game mode where you play parts of the single player and post your highscore on leaderboards. So basically it is only part of a full level, and no cutscenes ; lame. But I didn't care to go through the story again and this was actually fun. Just nonsense violence and remembering how fun it was when i first got the game, messing around with Skillshots. I just had to take a break from the game after how disappointed it made me, and come back to it realizing how much i enjoyed it ; like a bad spouse. The best part was the ultimate eyegazm of the game. When i first bought it, and played on my supr old half-assed TV, I was blown away by the graphics. Last week I got my first HDMI tv with the HD cables... Breathetaking.

Even though I've been obsessed with MVC3 on/offline, I still love SSF4. But the CPU in ssf4 isn't nearly as annoying in Marvel, or good. This lead to me being incredibly bummed out, because the SSF4 players I know work when I am off work, good stuff. Luckily for me, Arcade Edition recently game to Maui (FINALLY!!!!) It was incredibly fun; not really. Was nice seeing first hand how my characters changed and how the new ones felt, but I am a pad player for ssf4. And the only stick I can kind of play on it is the mvc3 from ;) 

(Which is constantly used for mvc3, thanks again guys <3)                        

But the arcade parts we received are complete ass. Instead of a ball-type stick, it's the long joystick type and the buttons are old-crappy re-used ones from the old SF4 machine (or so it seems). In all AE was cool, got to play with a friend who was beasting with E.Ryu but I don't like paying $1 a game on a uncomfortable layout.

I was so bored at one point, I played with one character at a time on Moon Diver, slowly leveling them up (so much faster online). Luckily for me, one night some friends weren't busy, and  we hardcore grinded out some Moon Diving. Been a while since we had the chance and simply was loads of fun. Lots of yelling "OH DUDE" and" shi....NOOOOOO" . Plenty of hype over hack n slash craziness. but even with all the levels we gained, still couldn't beat that stupid Firebird boss....

Last but not least...AMMMMMERRRRRIIIICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Red Dead Redemption was another game whos graphics blew me away on my old crap TV. That being said you already know I had a second eyegazm on my new one. Besides that, I went back to Undead Nightmare and tried to make it a bit more challenging. The first time I played through it it felt way too easy after the first few towns are cleared. So this time I only used the first pistol and a shotgun, and walked into the largest hordes of zombies I can find, seeing how long I can last with carefully aimed shots and barrel rolls. It didn't keep my interest for long but was pretty fun anyway. 

For the most part, that concludes my adventures as I get deeper into my finals in school . Also said some services will be up this week, seeing that it's Thursday I really hope that PSN will be up before Saturday. I am big on online gaming ever since I got my PS3. I used to play gamecube, and when I got a Wii I rarely went online because of how bad it was. So I used to appreciate off-line gaming then, but when I got a PS3 that changed. I can see how I've been spoiled by always wanting to play other people, and how that is a needed experience for me. PSN being down does suck, but it allowed me to enjoy some simplicities of offline that I've been ignoring. Hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences, have anything similar? Share your downed network experience and leave a comment/ write a story. Don't be a jimmy.

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Moon Diver DLC is cheap, with a new characters and game mode

By: iorilamia Apr 17, 2011 | 5 Comments

99 cent DLC for the win? See if it's appealing to you.

First DLC pack for Moon Diver has been released. This first DLC pack gives you the 5th playable character "Silence", the black ninja on the title screen / mini-boss. He is the best character stat-wise, so a dollar for him isn't too bad.

The other part of the DLC is a new score attack mode called " Flow". In Flow the screen scrolls sideways as you kill enemies, making the game even more of a rush.


2 other DLC's that aren't released yet have info:

DLC#2- New Score Attack levels "orbit" and "Rage"  Screen scrolls up April 27nth.

DLC#3-  Chain Kill Mode , See how many kills you get before your hp runs out. To Be Dated


For a dollar, a new character isn't bad. These added game modes are not too interesting since I'm not into Score/time attack stuff. But the price makes it feel alright. What do you guys think of the DLC? Leave your thoughts in a comment, don't be a jimmy.





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Moon Diver Review

By: iorilamia Apr 9, 2011 | 7 Comments

Is the $15 Hack n Slash with RPG elements worth your time and money? Find out in the review.

Moon Diver is a side scrolling platformer with plenty of action. There are 4 characters Seyfert, Hitori, Tolb and Ourion. All of these characters can be lvled up by killing stuff and find new abilities to use.


It's bad, but thats ok, this is a hack and slash with some leveling up. The entire game is basically story-mode but the problem is how they try to tell it to you. The story is made up of really akward soundless custscenes with awkward text not explaining much, and cut-out pictures of characters floating around. As I said earlier this game doesn't need a story, but they didn't really try much on delivering it. But heres the story anyways-  A boy named Faust controls something called the "Mephistopheles", which allows him to bring anything to life (this explains you fighting hordes of machinery and lasers). Faust wants humanity completely raped and to be some sort of ruler. But a special group of ninjas called "Moon Divers" have gotten orders to save humanity and stop him.


Easy and fun for anyone. The game is very straght forward with jumping and atacking. Every character can unlock a large amount of special moves to use (you start with one, the rest are found in levels, kinda making it a free for all to see who gets it first). Once you start collecting these specials, you can equipt up to 4 at a time, using them during battle, (they do drain your magic meter though). The great part is the many variations of moves to be found, AOEs, blinding enemies, freezing, boost defense, projectiles, all great fun.

Your Characters get 1 point to use everytime they level up. This point could be put into HP, MP or Power. Out of the 4 characters their stats start out differently, but this doesn't stop you from building them the way you want, in the end they could also have the same magic attacks aswell, what really differs is in their atack speed. -From fastest to slowest, the slower swinging charactrs start with more attack power anyways- Hitori, Seyfert, Tolbi and Ourion.

The levels are nothing too new to a playformer. Run a long distance killing stuff, jump on some platforms, have a bottom-less pit somewhere and lasers. But they did do a good job cramming ridiculous amounts of enemies into some akward areas, actually making you think about how you will go on about your killing (the game definately gets harder every level, even with a full team). Only bad part is that sometimes the game feels like a repetitive grind, but like any game, you have to keep going to experince new hazards and monsters.

Teamwork in this game is neccesary in higher levels. Voice-chat is available but people don't use it. When prompted, teamates can use a special move together (if done at same time), and this pulls off a awesome magic move that you may not have. A problem with being on a team are stuborn people. If one teamate is falling behind, or if someone wants to go in a different direction, the furthest team member will be injured/ slowly be teleported in some instances ; extremely annoying. Also knowing when to use your special moves instead of spamming them saves the team alot. Perfect example is when my team ONLY passed the level because someone had the "freeze all enemies for a short time" move, and he used it perfectly everytime, without that it would have been 100% failure. Also when you die, you float around slowly being able to control your movement. You have 10 seconds for a teamate to "break the chains" which is slashing you until your free, if this doesn't happen, you die for reals and wait for respawn. Game is over when everyone is dead.


All respond perfectly fine. You only use one button to attack , and can hold it for a stronger charge atack. You have another button only use for special moves. Another one for jumping/double jumping. And a button for dashing/air dashing and another for crouching. Attack speeds differ but all characters run the same speed, which flows perfectly fine with the game. Besides running around swinging, you can atack while jumping, dashing and even can perform a sort- of aeriel dash down attack. Also to climb and hold onto ledges, you simply jump to it, and getting down or jumping to a lower level is holding down+ attack. The game is definately simple and can be jumped into and enjoyed by anyone.


Since the entire game is story-mode driven, playing alone sucks if you don't have a few other friends. Lukily they did a AWESOME job with the online lobbys, simply love it. The search engine is simple and detailed. When looking for a room, you can search for difficulty, the level range of players are what level they are playing on. It then displays the host name, # of players in room and level they are on. Like any online game there is lag, but it is rare (and I live in Hawaii, probly barely any lag for you people in the Mainland). 


Are better than I expected. The game just looks like it was made by Square-Enix. Everything looks good, especially huge explosions and beams ; dazzling stuff. The game does a good job with a cold industrialized look being splashed with awesome lighting effects. What suprised me the most was the awesome amount of detail found in some levels. Also, they did a really good job with shadow effects in this game, wasn't expecting that much depth.

Brief Summary-

  • No Real Story - Just some dude trying to wipe out humans, and your group of badass ninjas are gonna save the world, but who cares about a story in a $15 hack n slash? Just have some fun.


  • Gameplay is simple fun- Kill stuff, level up, realize it atually does get dificult and enjoy a decent game. A leveling system with 4 characters fits in just right.


  • Graphics fit well- The game looks really good for a cheap DLC.


  • Controls are Easy- If your bad at this game, I don't know what to tell you


  • Online is where it's at- Constantly finding games and as you get to higher levels, you find less dumb people, making the experience all that much better.

BUY IT! It's not expensive and has plenty of fun. 4 characters allows you to experiment with different builds and have different gamestyles at your disposal and finding loads of special moves to use adds more playtime.

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Moon Diver Demo Impressions

By: DragonKiss83 Mar 31, 2011 | 6 Comments

The Demo came out on PSN yesterday, so I had to try it.

The trailer was posted by iorilamia here

And now that the demo is up I was ready to try it out.  Square Enix had my attention, now I decide if they get my money.

You have 4 characters to choose from, Seyfert, Hitori, Tolby, and Ourion.  How far you get depends on how you play, make it to the boss and the game feels way different.

On my own I tried each character, but when you team up the game gets better.  Had this been at the arcades when I was growing up I would have played the shit out of it.  Right now you can get the full game on PSN for 14.99, Xbox 360 users will have to wait.  As you play your character levels up and eventually gets some new skills.  And with four different characters to choose from chances are you'll play it through a few times.

Seyfert has a projectile you can use.

Hitori is slower but has an attack that damages all on screen enemies.

Tolby might have been the fastest, and has a special that freeze all enemies on screen.

Ourion was the slowest, had the most physical attack strenght, but I didn't get a special attack.

With a free demo I'ld suggest you play it before you buy it, but if my son likes it I'll be getting the full version soon.  But if you like the old school side scrollers I think you'll enjot this a lot.   Paying $15 for it if you have some extra cash is woth it to me, you get 12 Levels with a few stages to each.  So overall I say buy it.



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Moon Diver Launch Trailer Released

By: iorilamia Mar 25, 2011 | 4 Comments

Moon Diver is finally going to be released next week, enjoy the launch trailer!

The crazy side scrolling hack and slash Moon Diver created by Strider's creator Kouichi Yotsui, is around the corner. The game will be available to download on PSN Japan and America March 29 (XBL sometime in April). This Square Enix game will have up to 4 player co-op on/offline = win. The game will be $14.99. Check out the new launch trailer and let us know what you think, don't be a jimmy ;)

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