Community News: Moon Diver DLC is cheap, with a new characters and game mode

iorilamia Posted by: iorilamia Apr 17, 2011 | 5 comments
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99 cent DLC for the win? See if it's appealing to you.

First DLC pack for Moon Diver has been released. This first DLC pack gives you the 5th playable character "Silence", the black ninja on the title screen / mini-boss. He is the best character stat-wise, so a dollar for him isn't too bad.

The other part of the DLC is a new score attack mode called " Flow". In Flow the screen scrolls sideways as you kill enemies, making the game even more of a rush.


2 other DLC's that aren't released yet have info:

DLC#2- New Score Attack levels "orbit" and "Rage"  Screen scrolls up April 27nth.

DLC#3-  Chain Kill Mode , See how many kills you get before your hp runs out. To Be Dated


For a dollar, a new character isn't bad. These added game modes are not too interesting since I'm not into Score/time attack stuff. But the price makes it feel alright. What do you guys think of the DLC? Leave your thoughts in a comment, don't be a jimmy.






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