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iorilamia Posted by: iorilamia Jan 19, 2011 | 14 comments
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SNK Playmore is only looking worse and worse, and as a fan I'm pretty upset.

Article used from DreamCancel

"Neithan from Bas Gros Poing is reporting that Masaaki Kukineo, producer of KOF XII and XIII, left SNKPlaymore in November. This news creates some doubt about the port of KOF XIII. Furthermore, sources within SNKP are reporting that the new president, Ryo Mizufune, wants to shut down the video game division and focus on licensing instead, such as porting old titles and creating pachinko games and figures. With the lack of news regarding the console release of XIII, the future for King of Fighters is looking bleak."

Also, Neithans original post with more detail below, but it is in French and google translate is pretty ass. but to fill in some blanks, an example of the liscensing he spoke of was "Queen's Blade, kof sky stage" ? don't know what you could do with kof sky stage...

broken heart

First off, this has to due with my old story about the ex-programmar tweeting on how much snkplaymore sucks and problems with kof12-13. It is officially not a rumor anymore. As soon as I read this new news, I was just speechless and in awe. SNK(P) has been through way too much shit. Bankruptcy, new company and a dissapointment like kof12 that pissed off many people and lost a lot of respect ( a long with the 360 release of milenium match that had complete shit netcode). Basically KOF13 was going to save their name in fighting games. They even fucked that up, but were bro enough to fix EVERY arcade machine wtih a free patch and updates. So yea, we have all been anxiously waiting for kof13 to be released on home concosle since like mid 2010. The producer leaving is shocking enough, but you think, oh its not that bad, the game is COMPLETE and they fixed all buggs, the only thing wrong is Raidens dropkick(lol) and K's meterless rape combos from anywhere. It will just be a simple port. But no, this Mizufune guy wants to end the video game side and focus on kiddy ass pachinko games? PA-FUCKING CHINKO GAMES?! In a way, it makes sense due to SNKP's hardcore failure, that Mizufune will try to generate more $ with old ports and liscensing. Hopefully he realizes kof13 home version is what people were foaming at the mouth for, and if they shut down their gaming division, this will be released as a final horah.

How does this make you guys waiting on KOF13 feel? Or about companies in general possibly making huge changes?  Does snk-p need to make a change? I'm definately worried.


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