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Rocket Raccoon is 1 of 2 final character reveals for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom. A sequel to a game that just came out a few months ago. RR here is from the Marvel Universe and he's kinda a douche bag.

Rocket Raccoon is short, quick and very very sneaky. He can set up multiple traps which include a net trap, that will put you up in the air like Chewbacca when the Ewoks caught him. What a nuab. I like trap characters, but I don't like the short ones. RR is very short. If I were into the short characters, I'd be using Veiwtiful Joe, he looks dope when pros use him. RR can burrow under ground and in the clip below you can see him using this technique to avoid everyone's favorite Hsien-Ko armor assist. RR's supers are pretty standard and don't show any new creativity from Capcom. 1 super looks like a Veiwtiful Joe super, the other kinda like a Dante super and the level 3 isn't that much interesting to me either. Check out the video below and lemme know what's up with the on UMvC3

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Oct 31, 2011 by goukijones

I should mention that my English bros should be super happy to be represnted in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 with a Space Raccon with an English accent.

Rocket Raccoon VS Frank West

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