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By jalexbrown — March 26, 2010
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Nintendo announced a new DS - the 3DS - and it might just be around the corner...?

(Okay, finally a true news story from me.  Woohoo!)

According to an article I found a few days ago on Kotaku, it seems that Nintendo has officially announed a new handheld, titled the 3DS.  (No, it doesn't mean three screens, either.)  It's apparently going to use some sort of technology to create 3D without the use of any special 3D glasses.  Get it?  The 3DS.  How creative.  Yeah, right.

Anyways, the article states that not has Nintendo confirmed this hardware, but that it's going to be backwards compatible with the DS and DSi games, and that its release might be closer than you'd expect.  The release window is - rather strangely, I feel - between April of 2010 and March of 2011.  That means it could be released next week, or it could be released next year.  Myself, I'm banking on closer to next year (but that's just speculation).  I can't see Nintendo wanting to release this without giving it some hype through E3, so I think it'll probably be at the earliest be an October release.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I still feel pretty burned by my purchase of a regular DS, so I have no intentions of getting this unless it proves worthwhile.  I decided to stop supporting Nintendo's gimmicks after the Wii, so there better be some games - show me the games, Nintendo; show me the games - if they want my money.

What say you, Gouki?  Will you be buying this newest gimmick from Nintendo?  Why or why not?


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