Now Here’s A Game "Humanity"

By goukijones — February 24, 2023
Tags: humanity preview

Who remembers The Last Guy?

Whenever I see a leemings-type game like this I always think of The Last Guy on PS3. Humanity looks like its own thing and it looks like a blast. The devs obviously put a lot of time into the map design and the puzzles. So much so that there is already a creative mode in the game so you can make your own levels and puzzles. You are the little doggie and you have got to lead all of the people out. Past the dangerous cliff and avoiding whatever these things are shooting at you. Aliens is my guess. It’s always evil aliens. I’m looking forward to trying out Humanity when it is released in May 2023. There’s a limited-time demo available now.

Play the demo:

Old school love for…
The Last Guy™ Official Trailer


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