Pwntober 4 sign-up form UPDATED Deadline October 18, 2010

By goukijones — September 17, 2010
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Now in its fourth year, presents ... Pwntober 4. Sign up for your chance to be in the annual Halo montage. UPDATED Deadline October 18, 2010.

PWNtober 2010. Number 1 on Planet Reach! UPDATED Deadline October 18, 2010

Halo Reach campaign screen

If you want to be a part of the biggest montage of the year Pwntober, leave a comment below and start saving your most PWNnest clips from Halo Reach.

Clips from any part of the game will be accepted. As long as it's a pwnn ass clip. Make sure you save plenty of seconds before and after the clip you send me. Make sure you capture everything the announcer is saying and whatever last breath the enemy may take. This helps me out a lot during editing.

You have to be a member of and you have to sign up by leaving a comment on this page. Otherwise, I won't be able to look at your clips. I'm gonna have a ton. A ton. Don't be a Jimmy. Start recommended me clips right away and don't get communications blocked. Nubfarm.

Send me a clip or two and if they're good enough, they might make the intro or outro part of the montage. Send me a few good clips (4-5 depending on length) and get a little showcase. I may email you and ask you to pick out a song for your part in the montage. That will include you tracking down the mp3 and sending me a file. Jimmy!

Until then ... I'd like to show you Pwntober 2, because that's how I will work Pwntober 4. But there are ads in front of it and that pisses me off. Working on our own video server. So watch Pwntober 3 from last year.

**UPDATE** 9/19

It would be nice if you joined our Team Gouki group. Represent!

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