Community Blog: Quick thoughts on the Dragon Age 2 demo

jasonagermain Posted by: jasonagermain Feb 22, 2011 | 11 comments
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How could Bioware really do this to us? REALLY?

This game was awful. Its visuals have improved from the first installment but the deep, strategic RPG elements that I loved from the first one have been replaced by a hack n slash set-up to cater to the masses that need a quicker delivered satisfaction. I will say that I have only played the demo on xbox and I couldnt even play the xbox version of Origins so I'm hoping that they kept the pc version intact as much as possible. My fingers are crossed and Bioware better know that if it fails in this aspect, I, along with many gamers I'm sure, will spend my time slaying Dragons in Skyrim rather than returning to the aftermath of the Blight.

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