SDCC 2012 Pictures from GoukiJones. Line for Hall H starts here.

By goukijones — July 19, 2012
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I was standing in the same place a lot during this con. When I did get loose I popped off as many shots as I could. These are some of the best I think. Cosplay, Booths, Hall H line, Bronies, Guillermo del Toro, Rob Van Dam and Ed Boon.

There's a lot of pictures here. 108 to be exact. I'll explain some in detail in some stories I'm going to post. As far as the 3 titty girl, I would really love to hear your opinion on whether it is real or prosthetic. They look nice Jimmy.

Shout out to Ed Boon and RVD for posing with us. And to all of the girls who allowed this perv to take pictures of them. 

Fuckin' Brony love on I understand the fascination with the Ponies. I love the Dragon Ball universe, so I won't knock anybody for having their favorites. Plus they are getting a legit looking fighter made by the community. There was a ton of action at the con for My Little Pony. I couldn't get into the Hasbro booth until day 3, I was trying to get 1 Pony for Daisymare, my bad bro. 

All those artist signing and doing sketches, you'll have to ask Choke for more info on that. He's the collector. 

Oh that Giant red Power Ranger ass. It looks like he's taking a piss from the back.

Yes that is Guillermo del Toro. We were only allowed to buy a poster from him and not allowed to speak to him. :( Over heard in line: "It's a picture of a cockroach bro."

Cosplay highlights: Pick any suicide girl. The Lara Croft had something special. The mouse Deadpool was the coolest Deadpool I'd seen all week. Moxxi hello. Yeah, that's the Hoff. Galactus was BAD ASS NICE. I can't explain the guy at the janitor's cart or at the pink berry, but I love both those pics. Only at Comic-con. 

[UPDATED] Jul 24, 2012 12:53:38 PM

Jul 24, 2012 by goukijones

Updated with 8 new pictures and less Hello Kitty.


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