She Means Business "Wanted: Dead" Launch Trailer

By goukijones — February 14, 2023
Tags: video

Cybernetic cop violence on an epic level!

What we have here is an 80’s cop drama set in the future. This ultra violent waifu filled thriller will have you on the edge of your seat! From Japanese studio Soleil who brought you Valkyrie Elysium, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden. There’s even a pissed off police caption who delievers excelent lines like this: “You fucked with the wrong people and I don't have time to fuck with you motherfuckers.” Bad guys that don’t fear the main girl at all: “This is not like the last time. I have powerful friends now bitch.” Of course she then shoots him in the kneecap. The trailer is great. Your main weapons are guns and a katana blade. Check out Wanted: Dead which is available now on all platforms.


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