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DragonKiss83 Posted by: DragonKiss83 Mar 5, 2011 | 10 comments
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Drop your pants and bend over, it'll save you some time..

People were already complaining about the dumbing down of the game, but it gets worse. 

How do you feel about it being around 40 hours of gameplay?  And that includes the side quests.

Your interaction with allies doesn't take away quests if your an ass, you just get different bonuses.

You won't be roaming the open world much, Kirkwall will be the setting for most of the story.

You don't level up skills, you get the as you increase your stats, there are abilitys and spells you can pick, but stuff like lockpicking depends on other stats now.

You can't put new armor on your team.  They can use rings or belts for bonuses, but the gear you pick up will be for your main character.

And the PC version will get the same stuff, people thought that the PC version was safe.

Source you can see them try to put a positive spin on the game before it even hits.

But with only 40 hours of game play I'm going to say rent it.  Beat it and take it back or wait for the price to drop.  And I hate to say that, I was really looking forward to the game at first.

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