Stray Cat leads the way in "Stray Blade" Story Trailer

By goukijones — October 31, 2022
Tags: 505-games point-blank-games preview stray-blade

We've got a talking cat over here.

On the hunt for the next great adventure game? Want to find something new and original? Check out the indie game, Stray Blade. Maybe not so indie, being published from 505 games which they have been around for some time. However, this is the first game from developer Point Blank. When we first covered Stray Blade back in April, I was immediately attracted to the way the combat looked and moved. For me it’s always about fun movements and ass beating. Something about the sword fighting looks really interesting to me. Plus the game has very vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes. I look forward to seeing and hopefully playing Stray Blade soon. Check out the latest story trailer.


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