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Arthvader Posted by: Arthvader May 7, 2011 | 10 comments
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My prize just recently arrived and I would like to say my thanks.

After days of waiting, My package, Brought all the way from Las Vegas by Erik Schmidt (a.k.a. Goukijones) has arrived. Here's my photo of the prize (sorry it took me so long to get these photos just right, i mean with balancing the game on top of the figure box, preparing my cosplay...):

So I loaded the game up, and right away, I started playing on Apocalyptic difficulty (the hardest difficulty in the game). I'm really liking the story so far. pretty much, Heaven and Hell has gotten into war with each other in the present day, when War (that's you, the player, and the figure you see in the box in the pic.) enters the battlefield to bring order to both sides. The only thing is, He seemed to have arrived prematurely (Seeing as how none of the other horsemen has arrived due to the fact that the seventh seal has not yet been broken). after being defeated and almost killed by the demon Straga, War was sent to the Charred Council, where he stands accused for bringing out the Apocalypse prematurely, and therefore sentenced to Death. War, however, told the Council to give him a chance to find the one responsible for doing all of this, and to restore balance to the order. The Council decided to give him this chance, under the condition that he is bound to a follower, The Watcher (Voiced by none other than Mark Hamill). he is then sent back to the Earth, only to find out that a century has passed since he was last there, and with that, his journey begins.

Long story short, The Apocalypse arrived early, War gets screwed over, sentenced to death, offers to find the one truly responsible for bringing out the Apocalypse, is bounded by Mark Hamill, and begins his quest to restore order.

Thanks again to for the Prize!!! I know for sure I'll have my sweet time with this. feel free to leave any comments in the bottom, and please, Don't be a Jimmy!!, #1 in the World!!!!!!!


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