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I won the game back in June from here and have played enough for my review.

I've got to start by saying thanks again to Gouki.com for making me Jimmy of the Month back in June and hooking me up with another great game.  This time around was even better.  Not only did I get the copy of Final Fantasy Tactics  A2 Grimoire of the Rift for this review, but I also have a copy of Dead or Alive 5 coming.

This review has taken me forever for a few reasons.  The first is that I'm not that big of a fan of the Nintendo DS, so it's my son's system I played it on.  If it was on a real system this would have been done a long time ago.

If you have ever played any of the Final Fantasy Tactics games you know that they are incredible.  You can spend countless hours building a clan and doing all kinds of side quests.  You have a few characters that have to join your team and and endless supply of others that you can recruit if you want.

The story is that you are a kid who ends up sucked into Ivalice through a magic book.  Sounds pretty familiar.  He crash lands in the middle of a battle so you are forced to join the clan to survive.  You have to battle your way around to fill the magic book (grimoire) to find your way back home.  You encounter some odd characters as you play and there is a ton of time put on they main story.  And even after you finish it you can keep going.  You actually have to if you want to collect all the unique characters, such as Vann and Penelo.  And in the above picture you see the Seeq from Final Fantasy 12 I think and they are playable for the first time.  The Gria are entirely new.  

And if you have never played any of the Tactics games I should tell you it's a turn based RPG and you move across grids, think checkers.  The stages you play in aren't exactly ground breaking but the are rendered pretty nicely.  The music is also pretty standard and repetitive.  There is no voice acting so be ready for a lot of reading, or skipping text if that's your thing.  I've put in over 40 hours at this point and am still running around doing side quests so I'm not let down at all by the game.

And my son loved the bonus.


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Jimmy of the Month August 2012

Apologies for not announcing this sooner. This should have been announced during PAX, but we were AT PAX and we were shitfaced.


Shout out to Cinderkin. Nobody wrote more stories last month than Cinderkin and it's really great to have him back on Gouki. I got a 4X Gouki shirt waiting for you. And MAYBE a copy of SFxT on the Vita.

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Gouki.com's E3 Swag + Jimmy of the Month prize arrived!!!!

By: genxsis83 Aug 15, 2012 | 10 Comments

Just wanted to show how awesome Gouki.com is ^^

This is probably one of the best if not the best prize on won on the intarweb!!!!  Thumbs up and mad props to Gouki.com for being so generous.  The shipping fees were expensive overseas.

Once again thank you!!! I will enjoy the games and the goodies!

Congratulations to the June Jimmy of the Month. Congratulations to the E3 Swag Bag story contest winner. A special shout out to all members and I have 1 more thing to giveaway. Thanks to everyone visiting and contributing at Gouki.com.

If you listen to the Gouki.com Podcast and heard #35 by now, well then you already know that DragonKiss83 is the Gouki.com Jimmy of the Month for June 2012. Thank you very much for all of your contributions DragonKiss83. Thanks for calling me out on "quistions." Or whatever I typed. Sometimes it's just a flurry of finger twitches that gets stories up on Gouki. You will receive a free pre-order from Amazon's coming soon list and your choice of 2 games from the Gouki Shop. Please leave a comment below (I know you left that info in the podcast comments, just please do it again here for me.) of what game you would like us to pre-order for you and what 2 games you would like from the Gouki Shop, 1 must be a $4.20 special.

Arthvader. Nobody spends more time with me than Arthvader. I'm serious and I know that sounds strange, but Arthvader is always on the Live Stream. So we do speak a lot and I just wanted to say thanks Arth, it's fun to always have our quick chats about games and news on the stream. Thank you for your support. Also I'd like to congratulate you on winning the E3 Swag Bag.

Arthvader also won Jimmy of the Month for May and will receive a free pre-order from Amazon's coming soon list. 

Thank you to all the other members of Gouki, we really appreciate the support and are working hard everyday to make sure you enjoy our website. I have 1 more thing I'd like to giveaway, it's another E3 Swag Bag, but it's full of crap. Ok it isn't that bad, but it's not super great. To be entered to win this bag of crap, just leave a comment. 

Some of the items are ...

  1. A random t-shirt of a random size
  2. Random magazines
  3. Random wristbands
  4. Random buttons &/or pins
  5. Bethesda Speaker Boxes

We're gonna pick somebody from the comments below on Thursday. Anybody can win. The funny ones always have a better chance.

Announcement for Jimmy of the Month for July. We will giveaway 1 pre-order for the month of July if member content is more than 100 stories. So please get out there and encourage your friends to stop by and share their thoughts and opinions on video games. We'd also love to see some more art work. wtf MilkyPink?

Thanks again to everyone. We hope you enjoy the site, if not please tell us what the fuck. Vote, Comment and Share. Don't be a Jimmy!



Gouki Update & Jimmy of the Month May Winner

By: goukijones May 31, 2012 | 4 Comments

Quick update on the current status & future of Gouki.com. If you live near Las Vegas, get hype for Vegas Violence. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Where has GoukiJones been? Diablo? Dragon's Dogma? Who is the Jimmy of the month for may? Crimson Relic?

Triple Review! lol. You guys have got to read the pending stories sometimes. 

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of contributions this past week. Diablo 3 has been PWNn my brain. Also there's been some Dragon's Dogma and Halo Wars of course. Diablo 3 is great, I love everything about. Except when it's offline. Unfortunately I don't play with other people that much and I think I'm starting to get bored with the solo game. I've beat Diablo himself twice now, with 2 different characters and well, uhhhhh ... Now I'm starting over and it's still the same shit. Nobody to show my characters off to. 

Dragon's Dogma is certainly cool so far, but I haven't played it that much. I've probably still played more Halo Wars this last week than Dragon's Dogma. Dragon's Dogma just has really bad timing right now. I'll probably give a serious go sometime during the summer. Because it looks like nothing is coming out until Darksiders II is released. 

There will be some updates to Gouki later this year. Like the profiles and the catalog pages, but for now we're focused on E3 and a lot on DropTheBelt.com. And Vegas Violence, but we're not talking about that yet. lol. If you have any suggestions for Gouki.com please leave a comment. 1 thing though ... Don't be a Jimmy!

Now for the Jimmy of the Month announcement.

Crimson Relic






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