The Beautiful Cities of "Final Fantasy XVI" Ambition

By goukijones — October 20, 2022
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FFXIV creators present...

Can you imagine visiting these cities in the game? Walking in and out buildings and shops, upgrading and buying new gear. Man the graphics and cinematics are some of Square Enix’s best work ever. The combat looks as if it will play off the FF7R engine and be very aggressive. You can see you carry nothing but the juice when you are fighting. Like potions and strength buffs for on the fly PWNn! It’s very interesting to see which one of these combat systems really shines. The story is about the element gods in Final Fantasy. Earth, wind, fire, etc. Huge massive battles on the side of a cliff, giant monster battles. There is hype for this one.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Gouki Box Art

4 Stories

Release Date: Jun 22, 2023

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