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starlordtitus Posted by: starlordtitus May 27, 2011 | 13 comments
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Just how did Akuma reach his current level of absolute power? What training method did he use? What event triggered his ascension beyond his already powerful Shin Akuma form??..

Clouds loomed over the night sky. A thunderstorm was approaching. The starry night sky and moonlit earth turned to darkness and shadows. There, in the middle of a grassy field having been dispersed by a powerful Sekia Kuretsuha (an emotion of powerful dark energy known as The Satsui No Hado), stood Akuma in thought. His eyes glowing red with power. Images of his battle with Gouken passed through his mind. His brother had obtained the Power Of Nothingness. Able now to neutralize any energy based or special attack, returning it to it's source, rendering it harmless. Akuma and Gouken have always been near equal in fighting ability, one specializing in offense while the other in defense. But if Gouken could make special attacks useless while still using his, Akuma would need to find a new weapon of offense. 

The Power Of Nothingness was in itself, power. An ability to be used. In this universe, the only thing that can defeat power is more power, and no one knew this better than Akuma. Having already thirsted for massive amounts, it was time to take this thirst to the next level. Rain began pouring from the dark clouds above. Akuma began to unleash The Satsui No Hado. His body glowing with a crimson aura. The ground began to shake, clenching his fists and steadying his feet, he unleashed his FULL POWER. Massive amounts of energy shot out as his aura grew in size. His hair grew white and his skin turned to a darker tan. Lighting began to strike the ground. Drops of water raining down on Akuma as he unleashed his Shin form! His feet sank into the ground as the force of power grew in intensity. Waves of energy took down surrounding trees. 

 Lighting struck the ground, having been attracted to the surge of energy he was emitting. Shin Akuma, now ready, looked up at the thunderstorm. And with an insidious smile, jumped into sky, leaving the ground beneath him crumbling. He now soared towards the sky, as if to ascend to the heavens, water droplets hitting his face. And then suddenly, A BOLT OF LIGHTING! The moment Shin Akuma had calculated for, timing his jump to be hit by the most powerful bolt of lightning, shooting out from the highest clouds, a stunning 500 miles above. And in that moment, Shin Akuma unleashed ALL of the Satsui No Hado stored within him. The massive electrical power and the Satsui No Hado collided and danced in the air as waves and flashes of energy shot out. With his sheer will, Shin Akuma grasped the power of lightning with the Satsui No Hado and began molding and blending, consuming the full power of the lighting bolt. The energies began to fuse! The cohesion lit up the night sky. Rays of red, purple, blue and white light pierced the clouds into space!

The newly born energy was now becoming condensed and controlled. Akuma then manipulated the energy and flowed it into his body all at once. His eyes lit up red and a sudden explosion ripped through the night sky! The Heaven Symbol倩 appeared in the sky, massive in size! Energy circled around Akuma. A blinding ray of white light shot vertically into the shy. The display of power being visible from space! And as the beam of light began to get thinner, a powerful muscular shadowy figure stood on the ground. An incredible blue aura emanated from the figure. Electricity crackling and circling him. His hair had grown and risen, an illuminating glowing bluish white. His eyes a fearsome glowing nova red. His fangs on his lower jaw grew in size. His wardrobe having been shredded down revealing his skin, an astounding thunderous blue, displaying the storage of godlike electrical power. Akuma had been reborn. Having obtained power from the heavens themselves. He was no longer was human. No longer bound by any mortal restraints or morals. He ripped the prayer bead necklace from his neck and the beads levitated in the air, controlled by his will. He stood firmly and unleashed his new found power! Thunder roared and lighting struck the ground, as the world now knew the most powerful fighter in existence... Oni.



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