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The One-Armed World Warrior returns to the series.

Oro first appeared in Street Fighter III in 1997. Back then his style was that he had one arm tied behind his back. In 2021 Oro returns to Street Fighter for the first time in almost 25 years. Something has changed about this old man world warrior though, he now holds his pet turtle in his hand. He won’t drop him either. It’s with him every moment of the match. Save the turtles!

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Luke, Oro, and Akira Gameplay videos.

Not much is known about Luke at this time. Looks like he could be Ken’s son. Or maybe even a different clone of M. Bison. Haha that’s a joke. I gotta say Street Fighter V ended with a strange group of characters at the end. Oro is cool and it’s always great to bring back favorites from other games and even create new ones. But where the fuck is Hakan? Looks like it’s time to oil up!

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SPOILER ALERT these were supposed to be unveiled at EVO 2019, but were leaked early by Steam.

The biggest reveal in these trailers below is that there is a model for Sodom ready to go in the game!

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Cody looks great. He's got one of best costumes I've seen with the Haggar errrr spoiler...


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Quick Look Of My UD-CPS2 Board

By: guano Jul 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

A quick look at my consolized CPS-2 A arcade board.

Here is a a look at my consolized CPS-2 arcade board, allowing me to play old Capcom arcade games on my TV! Enjoy!

We will be playing the CPS-2 fighters on stream at on Thursday, July 17th at 7:00 PM. Thanks!

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