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The Tester Season 2. The Tester is a PSN exclusive show that is like Big Brother meets video game testers. Maybe this year, competitions will actually include playing games. Lets check out the girls.

I'm sure most of us are gonna miss StarSlay3r. I didn't really know who she was before the show. I fell in love with her antics and her style during season 1. I'm sure you can chock a bunch of it up to editing, but she was my favorite to watch. Star and the guy that was crying the entire show. 

So take a look at these videos below of the Girls of The Tester season 2 and tell me who you think is going to win. I'm not including any of the guys, because I don't want any of the guys to win. Keep the girls around as long as possible. Don't be be a Jimmy!

War Princess





Who is your pick? The Tester Season 2 Starts November 2, 2010 only on your Playstation 3.

The Tester Season 2 official page


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