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By goukijones — May 4, 2010
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Amazon has tons of deals that will get you a $20 Credit and now Gamestop is getting into the credit game with $10 credit deals on games already discounted. Oh and there is a black Nintendo Wii now.

Big News this week for some is that Nintendo is finally releasing a different colored Wii a BLACK Nintendo Wii. Check it out, it does not do anything differently than the white Nintendo Wii. Although now it does come with a Wii-Motion plus Wii-mote and Wii Sports Resort. So you save $50 immediately. 

black nintendo wii
Black Nintendo Wii.

Newegg.com deal of the week

Xbox Live 12 Month gold card $34.99 and free shipping. Stolen!

Microsoft XBOX Live 12 Month Subscription

Iron Man 2 the game comes out today, I don't know anyone really clammoring to get their hands on this one. If you are interested in Iron Man 2 check Amazon. Iron Man 2 @ Amazon.

Amazon is also giving away some super awesome and spectacular CREDITS toward purchases of future games when you buy any of the following. These game will get your a $20 credit toward a future video game purchase from Amazon. (usually expires in 6 months.)

Halo Reach and $20 Credit

Madden NFL 11 and $20 Credit

Red Dead Redemption and $20 Credit

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and $20 Credit

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and $20 Credit

The games below will get you a $10 credit.

Crackdown 2 and $10 Credit

ModNation Racers and $10 Credit w/exclusive Kart mod

Blur and $10 Credit

EBgames and Gamestop are doing 10%-30% off and get a $10 credit toward a future purchase. Some of the games are:

Dead to Rights: Retribution $53.99

Borderlands $33.99

Montser Hunter Tri $44.99

For the full list of deals from Gamestop and EBgames click here.

Halo Reach

Halo Reach Gouki Box Art

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