"V Rising" Where We Dropping? 1.0 Launch

By goukijones — May 2, 2024
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Where's the best plot for a vampire castle?

The Gouki.com 2022 Game of the Year V Rising is set to make its 1.0 launch on May 8th, 2024. Personally I can not wait. I’ve been playing the current version again. I love the world that is V Rising and it is just one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had with a video game. I can’t think of another game with such a beautiful collection of bosses. Maybe Megaman 1? lol. 

Forget the beautiful world, weapons and enemies. V Ring is a real estate game first.

What is the best base location in V Rising 1.0?

Here are a few reasons why Dunley Farms is a great location for building a base in V Rising:

1. Central Position: Dunley Farms is located in the middle of the map, making it an ideal spot for easy access to different areas. This central position reduces travel time when you need to return to your base from anywhere on the map.

2. Reduced Travel Time: Some items cannot be teleported and require either walking or riding a horse, having your base in Dunley Farms minimizes the distance you need to cover. This results in reduced travel time, allowing you to quickly retrieve items or resources from your base.

3. Resource Availability: Being centrally located, Dunley Farms provides access to various resources scattered across the map. This makes gathering materials and supplies more convenient, as you won't have to travel long distances to find what you need.

4. Connectivity: Since Dunley Farms is likely to be a popular spot for other players as well, building your base there can offer opportunities for trade, alliances, and interaction with other players. This can enhance your gameplay experience and provide additional benefits.

Overall, Dunley Farms in Vardoran offers the advantages of reduced travel time, central positioning, resource availability, defense advantage, and connectivity, making it a strong choice for both early and end-game base building.

This map guide is strictly for PvE purposes. For you guys that like to have boss fights as soon as you step one foot out of your castle, I have no idea what the strategy is for PvP.

In PvE you can put down two bases. One to get you through to the endgame and one to build somewhere to fancy up. Then destroy the original base and build a new one wherever you like. There’s no doubt that having a big menacing castle in the final area will be a status symbol for all who are playing with you on your server.

Good luck getting the perfect spot and we’ll see you soon vampire!

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