Will we be seeing another version of Super Street Fighter IV?

By goukijones — November 29, 2012
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Ono sends out a Tweet that could change the FGC. Or TrOllno san could be up to his old tricks.

From @Yoshi_OnoChin:

"I had a lot of opinion about AE re-tuning We're thinking that we was wondering what we should do.I 'll be continue to hearing for it;.! D"

Well there you have it, but never say never right? Tons of players in the community have been asking for it. Over on Events Hubs the other day, they wrote that Infiltration would like to see a new version himself. Infiltration just wants Rolento in the game tho. I wouldn't mind an update with new characters all, I would new life to be breathed into SSF4. Ono has already said a NEW Street Fighter is years away. So why not updates SF4, the FGC needs it. 

Plus does TrOllno san have times to do this update when he is so hard at work on Darkstalkers 4?

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