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Mortal Kombat: Everybody Chill! It's Cool Now!

By: Cinderkin Nov 18, 2010 | 14 Comments

There is another character trailer for the new highly anticipated Mortal Kombat game. This time it's Sub-Zero! Fatality!

I'm a huge fan of Mortal Kombat. I have been playing the game ever since the series started with the original arcade. One of my all time favortie characters has always been Sub-Zero, with his blue ninja gi, to his ability to freeze his opponents. So I was pretty stoked to see the new trailer for him, although very short it still explained something bout Sub-Zero that even I didn't know about.

Check out the trailer below, It's Ice Nice Baby.


Just in case you missed the first trailer about Scorpion


Who's our favorite MK character and why? Tell us in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Mortal Kombat meet Scorpion trailer

By: goukijones Oct 18, 2010 | 9 Comments

Scorpion is a yellow gangsta ass ninja from the Mortal Kombat. Original he had a skull head and can breath fire. Check out the New Sorpion from the New Mortal Kombat.

Scorpion was the first Mortal Kombat character I learned how to play with back when I was a young Jimmy. Some of you nuabs weren't even born yet. Scorpion had my favorite fatality as well. Toasty! I also enjoyed Kano's and Sub-Zero, but QCF was something I didn't understand about video games just yet. I'm totally hyped up about this new Mortal Kombat game, we sat in a private demo early this with Ed Boon and I was amazed. My initial thoughts were that, Mortal Kombat was going to be an EVO caliber fighting game the first year it's released. I hope that still happens. The video below shows a little gameplay mix with some anime style video. I'm still excited. I hope they release more trailers like this until the game is released.


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PAX '10 Mortal Kombat Gameplay

By: Cinderkin Sep 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

Brutal Gameplay from the show floor at PAX '10


Fatality! Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Ed Boon Talks Mortal Kombat 9 with Game Informer

By: Cinderkin Aug 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

Game Informer Interviews MK series producer Ed Boon.

 Found this over at

While the interview is a lot of fluff, there are a few interesting tidbits about MK's history. Overall its a good read for fans of the MK series.

Here are a few copy and paste snips from the interview which can be read in full here


GI: So if you had to do a high-level summary of the Mortal Kombat story, what would you say it would be? What do you need to know?

Boon: I think in Mortal Kombat, as dumb as it sounds, the whole purpose of fighting is that the winner of the fight is representing their realm—Earth realm, Netherrealm, Outworld, you know, all that—and that’s who rules the universe, so to speak. The means of doing it is by beating the s--- out of somebody. [laughs] If that makes any sense. And then when you think about it in the context of the video game, you have to have a reason for these guys to be fighting, so let’s make it this tournament, add a little bit of Enter the Dragon, a little bit of Bloodsport, Star Wars, stuff like that.

GI: When you release your game and then you hear something like ‘Oh, Liu Kang’s uppercut is unblockable,’ or something like that, is that something you can address relatively easy post release?

Boon: This isn't really something we talk much about, but we've put hooks in the game to let us balance things even after the game is launched. So there are basically global rules with all of the detailed numbers, and we can tweak that even after the game is launched. So if suddenly we find out that somebody's uppercut can be repeated, we can turn this knob down and fix it after the game is out--and it doesn't need a patch or anything.

GI: Does the new Mortal Kombat have some of the silliness of the older games? Like Jax’s giant foot stomping down?

Boon: I think in every Mortal Kombat game we put a touch of silliness in it, because we’re not taking it seriously. When we say, ‘Kung Lao cuts your head off and then cuts you in half and then you split like this,’ we’re not like [mock serious tone] ‘Good job.’ It’s just so ridiculous that you would do that to somebody, that for us we need to remind everybody that we’re not being very serious. So we’ll have the ‘Toasty’ guy or have someone turn into a baby, but we’re not going to go crazy with that. We’re not going to do animalities or friendships or the over the top humorous stuff, but we are going to have funny elements.

Here's an in-depth interview with Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick talking about all things Mortal Kombat.


Is anyone else hyped about the new Mortal Kombat?


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E3 2010 best of crap and stuff

By: goukijones Jul 1, 2010 | 6 Comments

Not your normal best of list, but who really gives a sh....

E3 2010 best of crap and stuff

Read full story...


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ZOMG! Is that Noob Saibot Mortal Kombat @ E3 2010

By: goukijones Jun 19, 2010 | 7 Comments

Super Street Fighter IV has competition again Mortal Kombat is back. People will be playing this in tournaments.

First stop of day 2 E3 2010 was the Mortal Kombat demonstration in the Warner Bros. booth. We had to wait for the first rack of nuabs to finish, because we were a little late.

As we enter the private room I noticed t-shirts draped over the chairs. Bonus!! A bad ass exclusive Mortal Kombat t-shirt, with an exposed rib cage and it says Finish Him on the back. Anyway, then I realized that the Jimmy in the front of the room was, Ed frickin Boon man! The demonstration was hosted by Ed Boon, the series creator. On the a giant projector screen Sub-Zero and Scorpion were highlighted on the character select. Right away this felt like Mortal Kombat II to me.

My boy, Ed talks about how Mortal Kombat is going back to its roots and that’s why the game name is just Mortal Kombat. Sub-Zero and Scorpion begin to fight and it looks incredible. The level was the Living Forest from Mortal Kombat II, you could see snakes and bugs crawling through the dead bodies in the back ground. Wait this super detailed and bad ass fight against two of the worlds most well know ninja lookin’ dudes. Scorpion has his chain spike … “Get over here!” Sub-Zero has his classic ice ball. Scorpion can teleport and when he does he leaves behind a cloud of smoke that looks almost just like him. Sub-Zero shoots ice at the ground, but Scorpion doesn’t slip. His foot is stuck in the ice, Sub-Zero walks up and uppercuts him in the GARILL! The fight continues and Scorpion wins … Finish Him. The testers could not pull off the fatality. NUBFARM!

Then we switched it up to the new tag team system. You get two guys and I get two guys. You can call in for assists or you can swap out at any time. The combat is totally in-depth, tons of combos and juggles. Juggle in and out with your partner. There’s a super bar kind of, it can be used for EX type moves that are larger and do more damage. Combo breaker in case you are getting your ass kicked. Oh and the max super … does like a mini fatality during the match that cuts away to bones breaking punches, sword cutting action and well just blood spilling everywhere. BatRastered says like CSI when they do the special effects, but who watches CSI? Remember that Jet Li movie with the slow motion bone breaking like wire frame or whatever … never mind. This new Mortal Kombat is amazing.

A couple of other details are that there were 26 character slots, a random slot, and a DLC slot. They didn’t take any questions, I’m sorry I don’t know if there will be DLC characters. That DLC slot made me think there might be. The title screen was Sub-Zero punching the shit out of Scorpion or vice versa, I don’t know I don’t remember, I had a few sips of whiskey already at this point and I’m having one actually right now while I’m writing this. Wait …. Watch this video.

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