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Special shout out to everyone who has visited Check out our stats from last year. Also the January 2012 Jimmy of the Month winner.

It's no lie that we kind dropped off at the end of the year and you can see that in the stats above. BatRastered and  I were kind of sitting back and getting our shit together for 2012. We also manage full time. That site is about to get a new version in April. If you're a wrestling fan check dat.

Back to Gouki. Thank you to everyone who has ever visited, comment, shared and especially wrote a story on Cinderkin, JalexBrown, and Crimson Relic. What up Jimmy?! We miss your content and hope to hear from you soon. Very special note to ArthVader, a great friend and supporter of for over 2 years now. Thank you. 

In 2012 a new version of will be launched WAAAY later in the year. It will be more ambitious than ever. (Just don't tell BatRastered yet.) We've got some great apps for you guys to check and share. The PricePWNr tracks prices on video games across Amazon, GameStop & Find stuff on sale, go back and get  games cheap that you want to play. Save money on video games! There's plenty of ways to save.

Have you seen the early beta build of the brackets? Gouki Brackets Beitch! We will be taking over the FGC with this one Jimmy. The beta is really testing that the product works. Right now we're working on the look and whatever minor tweaks the programing needs. Most importantly it needs to look like a bracket, right? And we're hoping to have a new look for you in early February or May. lol. We're busy yo.

So if you don't know by now, BatRastered and I run from a secret location in Las Vegas, NV. This is our business. We're gamers and we're tech and internet fanatics. BatRastered has always been working with computers and doing programming. I have always been in customer service. I've also always enjoyed creative writing and making short films. We hope that our unique style of a video game website will keep growing and entertaining you Jimmys in 2012.

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Street Fighter V: Ultra Edition Announced!

By: Cinderkin Apr 1, 2011 | 9 Comments

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Street Fighter I, Street Fighter V: Ultra Edition was announced today. Leaked concept teaser artwork of the project. You can see they're taking a more realistic approach this time around.

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Story Image 12 Year Anniversary Story

By: goukijones Jan 27, 2011 | 20 Comments

It's been 12 years since first stumbled drunkingly onto the internet. Check out our stats from the last year to the most recent 30 days. And thank you for visiting

First off, would like to thank all of the users that have been visiting the site for the past 12 years. We would also like to welcome and thank all of the new users that have joined us since our massive relaunch in 2009. Yes, that even includes Kof2012.

Since was a birthday gift to me so many years ago from my excellent friend and co-founder of the new, BatRastered, The 27th of January will always be the anniversary. Over the years the site has been many things. At one point I wrote and uploaded all of the code myself, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. The site showed it too. lol. I tried to cover, movies, tv, video games, comics, local Las Vegas hot spots. None of that worked, I could never keep every section looking mint. At that time, I also had the wise idea to advertise on television. Boy did I have internet marketing all bass ackwards.

A few years later, I moved away from Las Vegas in search of my lost soul and the site drifted into oblivion. Not the game, the void of the internet. Then Xbox Live and Halo 2 came out and changed my world forever, yeah one of those moments. Online FPS with friends from all around the world? Sounds awesome right. The term Jimmy also came from this. Based on one of my best friends Jimmy Roman, you all know him as the incredible FnJimmy. When I played Halo 2, I was killing people that sucked or was being partied up with nuabs, I just started calling everybody Jimmy. It didn't matter, I might as well been playing with Jimmy at that point. Just nameless random pick-up Jimmys.

Then everybody I was playing with started to call me Jimmy and everybody else Jimmy. It quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. I know you saw that Scottish Jimmy running around in the oil commercials screaming "Think with your dipstick Jimmy!" Yeah, they had to ask for the rights to call those Jimmys a Jimmy.

Ok enough nonsense. Here's a look at our growth over the last month.

30,000 Visits. Thank you very much! That's up over 55% since December.
Some of the top pages from the last 30 days:

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