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Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Trailer

By: Arthvader Sep 4, 2013 | 1 Comments

A trailer for Keiji Inafune's successor to Mega Man. Revealed during his panel at PAX.

Here's the video:

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Really this is just some tech demo of what Unreal Engine 4's Destructibility looks like. It's pretty funny to see shit just fully collapse like this & with such great detail. Plus there's an real game involved. Spoiler alert: Kickstarter.

The email comes to me talking about UE4 Destructibility & I'm like oh shit, here is MasterMitsurugi with another graphics demo. Nope, it's a real game that looks like Halo robots. EXCELLENT! Just what we needed. Oh, but there's more ... you can help out with the Kickstarter. 

Can we just start the Kickstarter to have a fulltime production crew follow FnJimmy around. Who is in?

Vote, comment & share. Thanks for reading. Don't be a Jimmy!

First of all I can't even embed this video on Gouki, because it's locked down with some exclusive player on a unique Nintendo website. The site is purely designed to get your money. You have to see this.

I hope you get where I'm going here. I've had an issue with Kickstarter recently that it's just gotten too out of control. I had no idea there were so many people in the world asking for money like this to make some magical bullshit. Like a live action Zelda with the Back to the Future Delorean flying around with some female Link behind the wheel. Why is this such a big deal in our time right now? I'm all for a live action Zelda movie, I just don't want it made by some backwoods Jimmys from a place in America I've never heard of. 

So then I get this link in the mail. Nintendo has jumped on the bandwagon & started a "Kickstarteresque" program for Wario's new game. Like yeah, they need money from us to get this game published. Nintendo is fucked. Thanks for reading. Vote, comment & share. Don't be a Jimmy.


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