When Is The Best Time To Play "WarTales"? Now! Full Release Available!

By goukijones — April 13, 2023
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Plus 1 NDA all I’ve been playing is WarTales.

WarTales went into early access almost 2 years ago. I didn’t even remember playing WarTales until I played it again recently. Wait a sec, I remember this. Ok, let’s do better with the new demo. This time I made sure not to nub it up so much. So I started a new game about a week ago and got all the way to the second area and part of the third. I was loving the combat and the world crawling. There is a giant overworld where you get into fights and collect materials. You can also collect quests and go into castles, mines, and ruins. You’ll never know what you’ll find. Mining, fishing, and smithing all have little mini-games for you to do when completing the jobs. These are fun little additions to keep you on your toes. The world map is full of secrets. Something that I think is cool is that you can repel up and some mountains. This is really advantagous for traversing. 

The character collection and combat is what make the game shine. Last time I checked, I had 14 members in my caravan. That includes 3 horses to carry all my stuff and the war pig I picked up along the way. The combat is a tactical strategy game. You can recruit new soldiers and different classes from the local bars. Maybe you’ll find some lone wanderers who will join you as well. When the combat loads up the enemies are already placed on the board you can then position your team to what fits best. You know, tanks in the front and ranged in the back. The weapons have different abilities attached to them. So one arrow might hit AOE and cause a DOT. Another arrow might knock enemies back. 

I can go on and on because right now I am in love with WarTales. I can’t wait to play more. I’ll have an update in a few weeks, but for now more WarTales! I must have the biggest gang and travel through all of the land. 



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