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25 Years of Street Fighter Art Show opening this Friday in LA

By: choke Jul 30, 2012 | 3 Comments | Updated: Aug 3, 2012

New Art Exhibition opening Friday in Los Angeles to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter

Over 50 artists will contribute some work.   Should be an interesting show and I'm expecting a lot of nice pieces and prints to come from this

One artist has already previewed some of his pieces that look pretty neat IMO

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Oni and Akuma-My Mains In Arcade Edition

By: starlordtitus Jun 8, 2011 | 5 Comments

Arcade Edition is out and everyone has chosen their character. This explains why I decided to stick with Akuma but make Oni my main.

We all waited anxiously for Arcade Edition only just yesterday night. I myself caught the wind late about the east coast getting the download until 5am and was expecting to just come out until 12am xD I basically just went to sleep. But some hours later I woke up at 8am (mainly because I was too excited to sleep) and made the download. My brother who mainly plays with me was up, took his shower, and was ready to play and test out Evil Ryu. We went to VS mode and then Training. We immediately noticed the incredible fun of playing with Oni and Evil Ryu. My brother who was used to playing Ryu suddenly felt more like he was more powerful because he pull out 3 hit red fireball without having to Ex it. He was able to narrowly dodge a devastating Ultra when he teleported out of the way.THIS was the Ryu he was hoping for, a powerfully epic looking Ryu that could do things like Akuma, his dreaded adversary that I kept using haha



But soon my brother disovered he would need a defense that would rival his offense Evil Ryu clearly had far less health than Ryu. It was at that point that I was beginning to the enjoy the extra health that Oni had as compared to Akuma. Having played Akuma for so long, mastering the Vortex and agressively chasing down opponents while watching my health all the time was sometimes stressful. I wanted to play smart but I also wanted to just get in and wreak havoc and to a degree, Oni's extra health allows me to do it. Along the fact that both Oni and Evil sound and look like epic gods, their unique move sets  make them fun as hell! I was immeditely in tuned to Oni from that point on. Now, it's true that Yun and Yang  are respectively powerful characters themselves, as there will most like likely be a lot of Fei Longs and Yuns at tournaments, but I what I want to do is not be another player that uses a hight tier character for the sake of winning, I did that once a long time ago with Sagat in vanilla (was fun by the way xD). No, I want to the player known as the Oni player! I've always had a high affinity for suggested powerfully characters in games and animes, but with video games and their balances those characters are not always represented to be as strong as the story suggests. Therefore, I'm taking Oni to the top. That is my goal as tourny player, no matter the hardship, it is my achievement to unlock.

As such, to really be an Oni player, I've decided to mack out in the fashion. Fight stick, t-shirt with Oni's Raging Demon symbol on the back, etc. Here is the theme song of Oni.

Here is a video of a decent Oni player, one I plan to surpass. While the end of the video is not to my liking, the first 85% of the video shows just how EPIC Oni can be. And when I go to CEO and EVO in the upcoming years, I want to hear in the crowd "GAAAAADAAAMN ONI IS GODLIKE" That would make my dream come true :)

id Entertainment posted some highlight videos from a tournament that went down recently. The grand finals match featured Poongko and Infiltration. Both players are amazing and Infiltration made top 8 at EVO last year. Check it out.

Winners Finals

Grand Finals

What did you think of those two? It's very rare to see a Seth like that. Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

For more videos from the tournament go here.

Also if you want a chance to score a free copy of Arcade Edition, you better go check out our Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition & FightStick Giveaway!

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Player Focus Vs. Spectator Focus

By: Cangry May 22, 2011 | 4 Comments

What i love about competitive fighting games is the focus that comes in play, but there are a few people in the FGC that try to knockdown the players decision, and im going to write about both players and spectators focus.

What i found interesting and now why i love the fighting game scene is the decision the players make in high pressure situations in a very veeeeery short amount of time and make it look so easy, but what i found kind of funny is that there are people that try to make fun of players even if they are top players, is not like im talking about stoping trash talk because thats what makes a good rilvary a good ol' trash talk before, during and after the match, and what a few people dont understand is that there is alot stuff going on when someone is playing for example:

Players Focus

  • Execution
  • Reaction
  • Strategy
  • Meter management
  • Spacing
  • Watch out for how much time he has
  • How much life he got left
  • All while trying to figure out his opponent strategy,  how much meter and life he got left.
  • (just to name a few)

Spectator Focus

  • Watch the match.
  • (Just to name a fe...oh wait thats the only thing)

So i see in alot of matches people saying or writing in streams "Retard didn't see that, that was so obvious" or "He should've punished that s***t that dude is f*****g dumb" in a unneccesaryway, of course the spectator is going to see the moves or setups from a mile away because his only focus is to watch the match and both of the guys that are playing have so much to think about, that's like saying you can beat Michael Jordan in bball lets just say that you are better than him for the sake of the story and you play him and by the end of the day he made you look stupid. So they talk like they know better but when you are put in the same situation the move when you said that you saw a mile away or you could have done it easy doesnt seem so obvious and happened so fastthat you didnt see it coming and when the match is over you finish by saying that nobody could react to that or make some other excuse.

So to conclude this, trolls will troll haters gon' hate but if you don't know whats really happening in a match please just shut up ;D or learn a little bit more before talking.


This is my first time writing an article so hope you guys like it.

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A Gamer's Greatest Moments

By: starlordtitus May 20, 2011 | 13 Comments

We've all been there. A moment in our video gaming careers that has transcended time to this date. A memory where either you accomplished the impossible, defeated the undefeated cocky player, broke a record or came back from the most hopeless situation.

In this video, it shows two great players playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. What I personally like about this video, is the fact it displays the timeless story of how no matter how bleak a moment, how low your health could possibly be, that even with the seeming idea of all hope being lost, one only needs the will to win. 

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