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Will Dead Space 2 be Another Resident Evil 5?

By: PaladinJin Jan 24, 2011 | 13 Comments

Zombies and Monsters + Guns to kill them = Fun! Zombies and Monsters + A Peashooter or simply nothing = Horror!

I am very excited for Dead Space 2. I loved the first game, beat it on Impossible mode, read the Dead Space: Martyr book and the Dead Space Comic they have out, not to mention play the DLC game that's out, but when i played the Demo for Dead Space 2... I had fun. I don't agree with EVERYTHING pertaining to the video, such as the multiplayer, but bsically everything else i am for:


Now, i know that fun is generally the main feeling you get when you play a game, but i mean... Horror games are supposed to make you crap your pants! I understand that it IS a demo and perhaps the developers just tweaked your guns so you were a very powerful badass, but i think that having the power to fight back is what KILLS a horror game.

I'm comparing Dead Space 2 to Resident Evi 5 because RE 5 was fun. There was NOTHING scary about RE 5. I had upgraded guns and rocket launchers and shotguns and was kicking ass and taking names. Dead Space, i was screaming for my life and running away like a little girl. It's because i couldn't really DO anything to the monsters in DS. The fact that i COULD blow off the enemy's arm off but not have enough ammo for the next 14 Necromorphs drove me into fear. I'm really really hoping that even though Isaac now has the weapons to kill necromorphs, that he still dies in about 2 hits. I think that would compensate a lot. And because the levels are now huge open areas, i am looking forward to creatures flying at me in all directions.

I guess what i'm really tyring to get at is: Giving Isaac power will cut deeply into the heart of a horror game and make it into just a gory creepy game, but fun and that, to me, is a bad thing. Do you guys agree with what i'm trying to say here? Because i want to play a horror game for the terror and creepiness. And i admit, a bit of the fun but leaning more towards the fear.

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