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In a surprise reveal, Sony has announced 3 more titles are coming to the Playstation Plus Update June 11th. Check it out!

June 11th PlayStation Plus Update

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3) Single Player and Free to Play Multiplayer Bundle

PSN Price: This item is only Free for PS Plus members

The highly acclaimed single player campaign of Uncharted 3, along with the Free to Play Multiplayer Mode will be available for all PS Plus members to experience, free with their membership! A search for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands” propels fortune hunter Nathan Drake into a desperate bid for survival that strains the limits of his endurance, forcing him to confront his deepest fears.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3)

PSN Price: $39.99, Free for PS Plus members

From the award-winning creators of Civilization comes an action-strategy game about humanity’s last stand. Threatened by an unknown enemy, Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions, and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion. The decisions you make will affect the fate of humanity. You are our last hope.

LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3)

PSN Price: $39.99, Free for PS Plus members

Sackboy returns in a completely new Karting adventure to save the Craftworld universe! Get behind the wheel to race through fun-filled tracks, battle in hectic arenas, and collect items in open-world environments. Compete in exciting mini-games and modes unlike anything you’ve seen, and enjoy endless levels created by the LittleBigPlanet community. From game modes to weapon types, never before has Sackboy had so many customization options. If you can dream it, you can drive it!

PlayStation Plus Update 6-11-2013

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XCOM FPS Becomes a Squad-Based Shooter? New Title?!

By: Cinderkin Apr 24, 2013 | 3 Comments | Updated: Apr 26, 2013

2K Marin has confirmed that the XCOM game once thought to be cancelled is being changed to a different game with a different title. Check it out!

According to XCOM developers 2K Marin, the new XCOM game is being rebranded as something new and different. Claiming the XCOM universe is expanding.

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XCOM Behind Closed Doors [E3 2011 Exclusive]

By: goukijones Jun 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

Exclusive Pictures from behind closed doors. Gouki.com got the world famous treatment from 2K Games at E3 2011 and one of the games I saw demod live right in my face was XCOM. Completely different from last year. This is my new Brink!

I certainly had the privilege to see XCOM in the 2K booth this year at E3. Last year XCOM was a FPS action game, that looked like it didn't have much to offer. This year, what I saw was a completely different game. My session was hosted by a developer or producer of the game, I can't remember his name, I nubbed it up and didn't write it down or get a card from him. He reminded of Kramer, from Seinfeld. He was great. I understand that knowing his name would have helped out a lot more with this next quote.

"The game is now a lot more like Final Fantasy Tactics" He explained in reference to the party system.

I spoke to -again I can't find his name, I apologize- He told me the game may even let you send out your party to do side missions and they will level up and bring back stuff like in Final Fantasy Tactics. My mind was blown. 

During the actual playable demo, that a developer was playing behind him on the Xbox 360. They showed a lot combat and explained how the looting of the aliens worked. XCOM is squad based now and very strategic, this aspect shown, reminded me of Mass Effect. You could hack alien tech and use it against them. Some alien tech completely blew buildings apart while playing. If you don't use alien tech right away in combat, you can take it back to the lab for more long term benefits. These were all very cool ideas that I was hearing. The game now has a release date of March 6th 2012, so this is the new official GoukiJones hype game. Don't worry XCOM will not be another Brink.  

These are my actual notes while I watched the live demo:

  • Different demo from last year
  • RPG agent elements added
  • Similar to FFTactics party
  • Team setup and choose the mission
  • Aliens look way cooler. Humanoid 
  • Squad controls
  • Capture enemies and use the powers now or later
  • Xbox Demo
  • All Aliens can be tech
  • Complete 180    

This is your base, where you suit your guys up and level up their gear.





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XCOM E3 2011 Trailer

By: goukijones Jun 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

Here's a game we got to see privately last year at E3. There is a release date attached. XCOM is looking promising.

Gouki.com saw XCOM first hand last year at E3 2010. They game appears to have a major makeover, but it is still just another FPS. Will XCOM show something new off this year. Either way the E3 2011 hype machine rolls on.

XCOM E3 2011 Trailer


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XCOM secret kitchen preview at E3 2010

By: goukijones Jun 22, 2010 | 4 Comments

In a secret kitchen hidden inside the Los Angeles convention center we watch a demo of XCOM with studio director Martin Slater.

Xcom is a classic computer game, that what I think most of the Jimmys that made the original Bioshock are trying to remake. So for me, this is a no-brainer. I loved the first Bioshock, I think it is one of the best games of all time. So we sit down right in the front of the room and take a swig from my soda bottle, Jimmy! Wink wink. Martin Slater was standing up front, BatRastered and I quickly introduced ourselves and exchanged business cards. Martin was totally laid back and knew a lot about the preview we were watching, he guided us through.

I have seen this video before, or clips of it or something. It’s not bad. The graphics seem very rough and you can tell it’s an early build. The setting is like Bioshock on land, during the day. The game is very ominous with various things scurrying about trying to give you a scare. Black blobs of static electricity to be honest. The action scene takes place inside a house where the black static blobs are attacking a family and you need to go in and kill everything. When it’s time to leave a giant alien rectangular cube appears and turns into a donut looking object.*see video* At this point the donut looking object begins blasting away and sucking up debris all around you. The demo ends with you escaping.

XCOM giant enemy rectangular cube

XCOM giant enemy donut

I want to play this game, there is no doubt. I think it’s going to be very deep. The world map was shown for a few moments during the demo and you could clearly see that your options for different things to do at this point across the United States.

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