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Player Focus Vs. Spectator Focus

By: Cangry May 22, 2011 | 4 Comments

What i love about competitive fighting games is the focus that comes in play, but there are a few people in the FGC that try to knockdown the players decision, and im going to write about both players and spectators focus.

What i found interesting and now why i love the fighting game scene is the decision the players make in high pressure situations in a very veeeeery short amount of time and make it look so easy, but what i found kind of funny is that there are people that try to make fun of players even if they are top players, is not like im talking about stoping trash talk because thats what makes a good rilvary a good ol' trash talk before, during and after the match, and what a few people dont understand is that there is alot stuff going on when someone is playing for example:

Players Focus

  • Execution
  • Reaction
  • Strategy
  • Meter management
  • Spacing
  • Watch out for how much time he has
  • How much life he got left
  • All while trying to figure out his opponent strategy,  how much meter and life he got left.
  • (just to name a few)

Spectator Focus

  • Watch the match.
  • (Just to name a fe...oh wait thats the only thing)

So i see in alot of matches people saying or writing in streams "Retard didn't see that, that was so obvious" or "He should've punished that s***t that dude is f*****g dumb" in a unneccesaryway, of course the spectator is going to see the moves or setups from a mile away because his only focus is to watch the match and both of the guys that are playing have so much to think about, that's like saying you can beat Michael Jordan in bball lets just say that you are better than him for the sake of the story and you play him and by the end of the day he made you look stupid. So they talk like they know better but when you are put in the same situation the move when you said that you saw a mile away or you could have done it easy doesnt seem so obvious and happened so fastthat you didnt see it coming and when the match is over you finish by saying that nobody could react to that or make some other excuse.

So to conclude this, trolls will troll haters gon' hate but if you don't know whats really happening in a match please just shut up ;D or learn a little bit more before talking.


This is my first time writing an article so hope you guys like it.

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