Dead Island

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Dead Island

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Release Date: Sep 6, 2011

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Dead Island will feature open world gameplay, played from a first person perspective, with up to four-player co-operative play (local and online) in a sandbox environment, including a heavily interactive enviroment. The focus will be on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry, vehicular customization/combat, and RPG elements.



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Limited Edition

  • Exclusive Cover Art Packaging
  • Exclusive In-Game Weapon: The Ripper (Special Combination Baseball Bat & Buzz Saw)
  • Bloodbath Arena DLC which includes:
  • 4 Arenas, deadly and hazardous spiked with traps
  • Endless waves of Zombies
  • Single or Coop Multiplayer
  • Loot XP & items and bring them over into your campaign
  • Additional Weapon : Sonic Pulse Grenade



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Even Dead Island fans are saying this is horrible. Who is Sam B? Sam B Feat. Chamillionaire - "No Room In Hell" *Uncut* [North America] - LOL *Uncut*

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Are you ready for a trip to Dead Island?

By: DragonKiss83 Sep 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

As a fan of most things zombie I had high hopes for the game, but was nervous. But now that I've played it I want more.

Welcome to DragonKiss83's review for Dead Island.

Thanks to Redbox I was able to pick this up for the PS3 and give it a try on the cheap.  Maybe you guys here at can get hooked up with them. Okay onto the game.

The opening video starts with what must be GoukiJones having a beer and stumbling around the island.  It ends with a shot of Jack straight from the bottle.  Just incase you have never played a zombie game before be warned there will be tons of violence, blood, and foul language.  I do not suggest playing this one around the little ones.

When you start the game you get to choose between four different characters.  Logan the throwing expert, Purna the firearms expert, Xian the sharp weapon expert, and Sam B the blunt weapon expert.  I went with Xian.  When you select your character they tell you their story.  For her the short version sound a lot like Chun Li, dad was a cop, dad dies, she becomes a cop.

As you make your way out of the hotel you can loot most of the luggage that you see.  I make it to the balcony just in time to see the first bodies fall past.  As you gather items you start finding some odd stuff, a belt, some glue, I'm assuming you'll need this stuff later (you do, you use it to upgrade weapons).  When you make it down stairs be sure to check the dead bodies, that's where I found my first health kit.  Still no weapon yet though.  And then my first encounter with the undead.  Followed very shortly by my first death.  When I reloaded the last checkpoint I was surprised to see that I didn't have to re-loot the stuff on the way back to the zombies.  But you do lose some money.  Run fucker run.  And you get introduced to your first group of survivors.  And finally a weapon, even if it is just a boat paddle.  Works great for bashing in some zombie heads.  Now the fun starts.

You will earn XP and level up as you play.  This allows you to spend skill points to build your character.  The story tells you that there is a monsoon coming and you are immune to the zombie virus.  Time to go save the wold. lol.  But now you get your first quest and really start the game.  I end up finding a pair of brass knuckles to beat the hell out of zombies with, this shit is crazy.  Feel free to nut punch a zombie to death.  You will find all kinds of weapons and you can also punch and kick.  But be sure to take a few seconds and checkout the great scenery they put in for you.  Some of the views make you wonder how the hell we were all happy to be trapped in a house for pretty much the entire game.

The soundtrack is more about the creepy zombie sounds you get as a warning and ambient sounds like waves on the beach or birds in the jungle.  But the music they do through in is pretty decent.  Once you get into the lifeguard station you find your first workbench ( I missed one on the beach somewhere).  Repairing or upgrading will cost you some of the cash you have collected.  But to create weapons you need the blueprint for it, the parts, and some cash.

After you secure that base the survivors show up in a truck.  Thanks for the ride assholes.  And I almost forgot to mention you can skip the cut scenes.  I know that makes a difference to some of you.

Like any good anything/rpg you can talk to NPCs with decent voice acting and pick up new missions and items.  You'll earn XP, money, items, and weapons.

Eventually you can also get behind the wheel of a truck when you find one that runs and drive it right over the zombies.  The steering is alright but could be better.  Plus you drive from the wrong side of the car so I keep getting it the wrong door.  As the vehicle takes damage it begins to show.  You end up busting out the windshield and eventually the engine starts to smoke.  I haven't had one breakdown yet though.

You get a mini-map you can set locations on and find your way around.  I know it's helped me a ton already.  For an island you have a fairly open world to explore.  Some doors can be battered down even.  And multiple paths are everywhere you look.

I haven't got to try out the multi-player yet, but plan on a trip to my brother's tonight.  You can also do this online, but I don't want to be the noob who gets everyone killed so I'll wait a bit before going online.

I say Buy It.  If you are a zombie fan you will love this game.  I'm going to turn it back on right now as a matter of fact.  Don't be a jimmy!  


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Dead Island Review

By: cinderkin Sep 18, 2011 | 6 Comments

Dead Island has recently been released and with all sorts of choices for zombie games, does Dead Island have what it takes to keep your interest. Is it worth your money? I tell you straight in the Official Review. Don’t be a Jimmy! Check it out.

Zombie games have become quite popular in the last few years, with successes such as Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Nation (see a trend here?). Techland and Deep Silver have gotten on board with a Zombie game of their own with Dead Island. Does this 5 year plus developed game show a fine polish or is it another Techland disaster? Find out in the Review.




The story of Dead Island is by far one of the most uninspired pieces of garbage I have seen in a game in a long time. The game starts with giving you a short character bio for each of the four cast members, detailing why they are on the island of Banoi and a little insight into who they are. None of these things matter as the game quickly removes any real story aspect from the game. The game starts with you in your hotel room after a zombie outbreak has occurred, leaving you helpless to fend off zombies. You quickly here a voice that tells you to grab a weapon and head for safety. You’ll soon find yourself incapacitated by the undead, but find out that you are immune to becoming a zombie (how convenient).  Meaning that every surviving person on the island makes you their personal errand boy/girl because you can’t become infected by the undead and they all can; making for some pretty cheesy story arcs.  You’ll soon find yourself ignoring any sense of story here, which is probably the only bad thing about Dead Island.


The gameplay mechanics in Dead Island are what you would expect from your average first person shooter, but this is no shooter. While there are guns, they are very hard to come by. Your only real source for survival is relying heavily on melee combat, and team work.  Dead Island is a 4-player co-op experience and this is where the game shines very well.  It reminds me a lot of Borderlands with all of the weapons and how there are hundreds of different customization options for them.  Dead Island also uses a very unique way of melee combat, with the right analog stick you can slash and swing in whichever direction you feel. It makes aiming for the head or limbs that much easier, and as we all know cut or bash a zombie in the head and they’re dead. This takes a bit of time to get used to but once you do it is a lot of fun slicing the heads of zombies with perfect precision. There are times when there are a ton of zombies attacking you at once without any frame rate issues. Also there are a bunch of different zombie types, ranging from Walkers, Infected, Thugs, and more. My only gripe with the online multiplayer is that the game doesn’t force character selection like in Left 4 Dead, which sounds like a good thing, but when you have 3 out of 4 players using the same character it’s impossible to differentiate between them as each character looks exactly the same. This also doesn’t help with team unity, because in Dead Island each of the 4 characters has special abilities and skills that benefit one another for the best survival.  When all 4 players are the same guy it tends to become mute point. Another great thing about co-op is that you aren’t really tied to a leash with your partners, you are basically free to explore the island however you like, but there are some missions that require all players there to start. Exploring the island is essential for finding new weapons and mods, plus also secret missions. The driving mechanics in the game aren’t bad but there aren’t great either. I do have a problem with driving in first person only and with the steering wheel being on the right side, but I’m just being picky here. Overall the game plays much like Borderlands and Left 4 Dead and that is a good thing.


The look of Dead Island feels a little outdated with some bad textures here and there, and the character models look a little flushed out and not as refined, but the undead look great. The environments also look pretty good considering how there are so many places to go and zombies on screen. The game rarely loads either unless you are leaving or entering certain areas of the game. Seeing a zombie get his head bashed in by a spiked bat never gets old, the way the blood splatters and how pieces of flesh fly everywhere are great touches.  For the most part the game looks good and you can really immerse yourself in the island of Banoi quite easily. Weapons look like you would expect them too; it’s also nice to see the wear and tear the more you use them. Bats start cracking, knifes look rusted, sickles start to bend its great. Also seeing your weapons change as you upgrade them and customize them are a nice touch as well. The fire effects from Molotov cocktails and exploding canister look great as well. Overall the visual aspect of the game isn’t the best, but it doesn’t take away from the experience.


The audio department can be a bit of a hit or miss in some areas. While the voice acting is done rather well, the cheesy one liners and pleas from some of the other survivors are sometimes quite laughable. The zombies sound great and the ambiences make you really feel like you’re stuck on an island that is infested with the undead. You can literally hear a zombie around the corner moaning and groaning while they wait to attack. The character you play as don’t sound bad at all, but can get cheesy too with how they are feeling about the current situation. Unfortunately the cheesy one liners get repeated quite often as you explore the island.  For the most part the audio in Dead Island does a good job immersing you into the game.


Dead Island is a pretty good game with a lot going for it. The 4 player co-op is a lot of fun, and the single player is just as good. The RPG elements that of Boarderlands with skill trees, weapon customization, and leveling up are all represented well here in Dead Island. The game clocks in at well over 40 hours, and the each character plays so differently that you can essentially play through 4 different times. This game remains fun from chapter 1 until the very end. Dead Island is a huge success over Techland’s latest Call of Juarez:  The Cartel. Anyone thinking about playing Dead Island will be happy to know that you can enjoy it solo or with friends and there is a character for every play style.

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