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Are you ready for a trip to Dead Island?

By: DragonKiss83 Sep 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

As a fan of most things zombie I had high hopes for the game, but was nervous. But now that I've played it I want more.

Welcome to DragonKiss83's review for Dead Island.

Thanks to Redbox I was able to pick this up for the PS3 and give it a try on the cheap.  Maybe you guys here at gouki.com can get hooked up with them. Okay onto the game.

The opening video starts with what must be GoukiJones having a beer and stumbling around the island.  It ends with a shot of Jack straight from the bottle.  Just incase you have never played a zombie game before be warned there will be tons of violence, blood, and foul language.  I do not suggest playing this one around the little ones.

When you start the game you get to choose between four different characters.  Logan the throwing expert, Purna the firearms expert, Xian the sharp weapon expert, and Sam B the blunt weapon expert.  I went with Xian.  When you select your character they tell you their story.  For her the short version sound a lot like Chun Li, dad was a cop, dad dies, she becomes a cop.

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Review: Dead Rising

By: blazemanx Jun 25, 2011 | 5 Comments

Resident evil is capcoms flagship zombies series but dead rising is the new king of zombie action!

Dead rising is one of those games that won't seem that great until you truly get into the meat of the game. When i first bought it i didn't like it but i saw potential in it so i bought it again one day to give it another chance. As of now it is one of my all-time favorites read the review and find out why this is the ULTIMATE zombie experience.


Frank controls like most other game characters, you run around using the left thumb stick and use X to attack things, you can also press the right trigger to enter an over-the-shoulder mode (like RE4) and use the weapons you have in different ways, some you just throw away when in this mode (melee weapons mostly), but then there are the guns which of course aim much better in this mode, and there are also some things (like hockey clubs, golf clubs, bowling balls, etc) that will allow you to use them as you would normally use them (in a non-zombies situation that is).

The other thing about the gameplay is that in the beginning, you will probably feel kind of weak, you start out with no real abilities except the ability to jump and use weapons, and then as you progress and beat bosses, complete missions, kill zombies and escort survivors to safety, you gain levels and with this gain more attack power, speed, health slots and new cool attacks that you can use to get the zombies out of your way. This makes you feel like you really are getting better at what you are doing as you progress through the game.

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Is this the next Left for Dead or something more?

Dead Island seems to be a new survial take on zombies. Since it takes place in a Island, players must make maintain health, weapan and stamina balance. For instance, if you throw a knife, you better pick it up, chances are, you won't find another one soon. Like what you see? Let us know!


And here are some artwork from the team

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Time for some Dead Island Gameplay

By: DragonKiss83 May 23, 2011 | 14 Comments

They started with some very cinematic videos, now we get some gameplay. suvivor

Beating a zombie's head with a bat instantly made me think of Highschool of the Dead.  When you get back to this game though you see a zombie rpg of sorts.  You intereact with survivors, take missions, and get exp.  And even more appealing is the open world, a sandbox style zombie game sounds to good to be true.  But we have heard stuff like that before *cough*brink*cough*.  Splat, bust the zombie open, and now you can strategize, there are different types of zombies such as ones with weapons so you get different options for taking them apart.  Stamina will play a role so if you aren'y careful you will be tired to kill the zombies.  To use the word realistic when talking about a zombie games sounds like a joke, but in this case it fits.  You also have a small heath meter so you can't just charge in soak up damage and get out.  Add in vehicles that you can use to run down the undead with and you add another level of gameplay.  But if you are in a hurry you can fast travel at save points, and this may be popular with people who don't want to just wander through the game.  You even get a character who evolves over time, she will toughen up and become more of a badass.      When he shows the cove you see some impressive graphics and a nice water element, to me that helps to get more into the game.  They even include weather elements.  And add the end he kind of passingly mentions multiplayer and say they will release a video showing it later.

I have to admit this game has me hyped.  I am aware it could fall in with other over hyped games, but it just seems to offer so much.  If you are a horror fan of any type I would suggest you follow this game close, and for myself it is a buy.

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New Dead Island Trailer shows In-Game Footage

By: iorilamia May 17, 2011 | 8 Comments

Another beautiful yet sad Dead Island video.

Great music, depressing video (like last time). New Dead Island trailer shows some in-game stuff, but it isn't much. Glad we finally get something besides pictures though.

Uploaded by http://www.youtube.com/user/pixelenemy

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