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Dying Light 2

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Release Date: Feb 4, 2022

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Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.


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There will be blood? Duh!

Dying Light 2 is definitely one of the best games from 2022. This new DLC is full on and has a bunch of new features, updates, and patches for the game. You can now RUN IN THE PK SHIP HUB. Remember you would hit that barrier and be slowed to walk. Slow walking. This area is large and has a lot to search and check out. Dying Light 1 still received updates this year, 7 years after release. I’ll be revisiting Dying Light 2 someday. First I gotta play through Dying Light 1 now. I can’t believe I missed out on this. Check out the latest trailer for Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties.

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Since the story will start over, you might not have all of your stuff.

First of all, look at the production of this video. There’s no gameplay at all. Just some actors and game dev talking about what’s coming up in the latest Dying Lying 2 patch. A full on set, walkie talkie convos with characters about the game. Sorry to cross reference Halo in this story, but 343 could learn from what Techland is doing here, and how they show that they care about their game and their fans.

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FREE "Dying Light 2" Ronin DLC & How To Redeem

By: goukijones Feb 23, 2022 | 0 Comments

Free gear is always great for starting off in games.

This latest free DLC from Techland, the company who brought us Dying Light 2. You will get 7 pieces of gear over the course of 3 days. Those days are now. Make sure you head over to their site and that the same system you play Dying Light 2 on is linked to the Techland website. More details below.

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