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Dying Light 2

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Release Date: Feb 4, 2022

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Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.


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Either way you choose Dying Light 2 looking pretty good.

What type of display gamer are you? QUALITY Mode? Do you need that Ray Tracing? I’m not even sure what that actually means myself. Perhaps you are one of those 4K heads and you absolutely need the 4K no matter what and won’t play on anything less for any reason. Then you are for the RESOLUTION! Viva La Resolution! Maybe you like speed. Like 60 FPS speed. You want to get the best PERFORMANCE out of your gaming device.

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There’s also a killer and I mean KILLER Coup De Gras and it’s awesome!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but at some PAX way back in the day Batrastered, FnJimmy, and myself sat down with one of the Devs of the original Dying Light for a quick play demo. FnJimmy was on the sticks and I don’t remember him doing too terribly. Sad thing is I can’t find any of that footage. But I’m telling you we were there man! Anyway this new Dying Light looks great. The world they show us in this trailer looks like a lot of fun and for sure has some serious parkour action!

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Better be light on your feet in the zombie apocalypse.

The video is a bit teasey, but you can catch a glimpse of the hand-to-hand combat. The use of bicycle chains as knuckle dusters and wall running to get momentum for punches. The parkour looks easy for the devs right, this is their second shot at this game and I’m certain it’s going to be more fine-tuned than its predecessor. 

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