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They just turned the island upside down and now it is new again.

When Fortnite first launched I got a few wins in the Battle Royale. My heart was in the Save The World. Grrrty and I got like 400 days in a row logged in. We saved the world plenty of times. Occasionally I’ll watch Ninja play some Fortnite, but the BR mode just doesn’t do it for me. I tried playing earlier this year and I’d come across players who, as soon as I fired a shot, they’d be in a 5 story building. I couldn’t build like that in Slomo. This trailer is the 12 minute long in-game event that happened to shift the game into season 3. This feels like a ride at Disneyland, plus it has our boy The Rock in it! I love it, I’ve watched it a few times. Still doesn’t make me want to play BR. >.>

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16 Year Old Bugha from America. He picked up 3 million dollars from the pay window.

Watch the final day of the Fortnite World Cup 2019. Solo Championship.


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Epic getting sued for Loot Crates

By: goukijones Mar 2, 2019 | 1 Comments

I have over 425+ days logged in.

As some of you may know GrrrtyGirl aka MsSugarNinja and I have been playing Save the World every day for the last year plus.  We have never paid for a loot crate because we thought we needed it to level up.  Today a lawsuit was filed...

"The scheme plays out perfectly to the benefit of Epic: once players are sufficiently invested in the game, Epic induces players to purchase loot boxes in order to get better loot, which results in massive revenue to Epic."

I'm just saying there is no way this will fly.  Epic added X-ray loot crates in January.  So you can see what you are getting out of the Llamas.  Good and bad I guess.  You never have to take a chance, but you always know what's in there.  So no surprise there.

Plus you can earn V-Bucks by just playing Save the World.  So if this kid was even playing the game he wouldn't be having an issue.  As far as the parents go... clueless. Nubfarm.

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