"Fortnite" Gets Flipped & The Rock Shows Up As Chapter 2 Finally Ends

By goukijones — December 5, 2021
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They just turned the island upside down and now it is new again.

When Fortnite first launched I got a few wins in the Battle Royale. My heart was in the Save The World. Grrrty and I got like 400 days in a row logged in. We saved the world plenty of times. Occasionally I’ll watch Ninja play some Fortnite, but the BR mode just doesn’t do it for me. I tried playing earlier this year and I’d come across players who, as soon as I fired a shot, they’d be in a 5 story building. I couldn’t build like that in Slomo. This trailer is the 12 minute long in-game event that happened to shift the game into season 3. This feels like a ride at Disneyland, plus it has our boy The Rock in it! I love it, I’ve watched it a few times. Still doesn’t make me want to play BR. >.>


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