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Release Date: Jun 29, 2010

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The plot revolves around a mysterious island known only as "Katorga-12" where Russian experiments involving "E99" (Element 99, which appears to be an equivalent to the actual element Einsteinium, which has no special properties like those referenced in the game), took place during the height of the Cold War era. Sometime during 1950, a terrible catastrophe known as the "Singularity" occurred on the island.The player controls Nate Renko, an Air Force pilot who is sent to investigate bizarre radiation emissions coming from the island, only to crash land there. After regaining consciousness, Nate finds the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) and discovers that the island is constantly shifting between the time periods of 1950 and 2010. Renko's goal is to find his co-pilot, escape the island and eventually prevent the Singularity from occurring. Besides having to deal with hostile Russian forces in both time periods, the player must also deal with hideously mutated flora, fauna and former residents of the island, some of which have developed time manipulation powers of their own. A Multiplayer element has also been confirmed for Singularity, although no details have yet been announced.

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You get a white elite. 2 controllers and Final Fantasy XIII. Now you may not want to play Final Fantasy XIII, but you can sell it. New it's still worth $40-$50, which means that's a real easy sale or trade for you for about $20 or so.

Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Xbox 360 price drop and a free faceplate

You get a white elite. 2 controllers and Final Fantasy XIII. Now you may not want to play Final Fantasy XIII, but you can sell it. New it's still worth $40-$50, which means that's a real easy sale or trade for you for about $20 or so. The faceplate is alledgy worth $50, maybe you can get $10 for it. Do you need 2 controllers? You can easily sell that extra controller for $25 bucks.

The Final Fantasy XIII Limited edtion is on sale now for $299.99 250 gig HD 2 Wireless controllers Final Fantsy XIII game A Headset A Faceplate (must click add to cart on Amazon.) So if you sold off the extra Controller ($25) the Final Fantasy XIII game ($30) and the faceplate ($10) you could get back at least $65. That knocks the total down to $235 for a 250 gig HD White Xbox 360 Elite. Stolen!

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Singularity review one sitting

By: goukijones Jul 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

It's true 1 sitting is all it took for me to get through singularity. Dare you read on ...

Let the Twitter timeline speak for itself.

9:39 PM Jun 29th from #gouki is starting up Singularity Right now!

11:05 PM Jun 29th I unlocked the Secret Achievement achievement on Singularity! - Shockingly not the END.

4:01 AM Jun 30th I unlocked 15 Xbox achievements on Singularity!

7 hours of straight pwnn. And it was straight too, this must be the first ever FPS on rails. There are absolutely no left or right turns in Singularity. You have to bring what little action there is to a crawl to search around for things to level up with. Here's an idea, just give me XP for the enemies I kill, don't make me scour the frickin' floors man. I'm trying to save the world! Not that killing the enemies is any different, they just ran around like reh-tards. Worst AI ever. I did die a few times and then learned the enemies spawn order, I caught one enemy so off guard that he just ran circles around me. 

I guess the game is closely associated with Bioshock, but Jesus Christ was not looking down upon these nubs during the production of this game. Everything is in the wrong spot, too much of nothing is constantly happening around you. One of my favorite parts of the game are both endings. Very surreal cool imaginings of post apocalyptic worlds. As I'm writing this I have just found out there is a third ending. If only they spent more time on the game and not the ending cut scenes.

5:15 Kill yourself. Best ending in video game history.

7:00 Kill your buddy. Rule the world.

8:30 Fuck everybody. Go into hiding.

Pro Tip: As soon as you beat it, restart the last level and do the opposite ending for a quick achievement without having to relive this god awful game.

The game is bugged, fuckin' bugged out. Borderlands had invisible wall like a mutha. Singularity has invisible floors. I swear, I'd be running on a straight path and then something just stops me. I look down, I can't see anything blocking my way. Move forward, sure enough some brick or hose or something that is painted into the horrible rendered floors is blocking my way. Jimmy?

Pro Tip: Just run up to every enemy you come across and shotgun him in the face. Upgrade the shot gun, irrelevant. You have to switch guns when you fight the giant thing on the train. At that point use your mini-gun.

The guns suck, the thing on your hand is cool unfortunately the coolest thing about it is when you get to level it up. After each level ... well uh, I don't know what happened. Nothing ever seemed to change. I got new guns and powers, but leveling stuff up didn't seem to make a difference. Watch this video of leveling up your TDM Device(the thing on your hand)

I played one match of the multiplayer online. Nothing special here. I had no idea what was going on in the game. In real life I had the idea of what I was doing was horrible and I should stop immediately.

Pro Tip: Don't play this game. You just saw the coolest parts in the videos above.





Wednesday PWNFEST June 30, 2010

By: goukijones Jun 30, 2010 | 4 Comments

So it's been a few weeks since I've just gone crazy playing video games. I've already beaten one game today ...

I'm going to finish Red Dead Redemption today and then later I want to play some of that multiplayer. So if you got RDR and want to play some of those new co-op multiplayer missions hit me up and lets set it for after 5pm pst. Don't be a Jimmy, leave a comment on this story.

Singularity ... "I have beaten the game." Stay tuned for my review. If you want to play the multiplayer again hit me up here. I'll play a few rounds with you. It's terrible though.

I've already seen BatRastered pwnn Naughty Bear. Allegedly the man is on top of the leaderboards. Must be only 7 people playing the game. I gotta give it a try.

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Singularity (Playstation 3) Current low price: $14.00 at Amazon Save $12.99 (48.1 %)

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Release Date: Jun 29, 2010


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