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Release Date: Aug 14, 2012

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The core gameplay of Sleeping Dogs consists of giving the player an open world environment in which to move around freely. Sleeping Dogs is played as an over-the-shoulder, third-person perspective action-adventure game with role-playing elements. The player controls Wei Shen, a Chinese-American police officer as he goes undercover to infiltrate the Triad organization called Sun On Yee (A reference to real-life triad gang Sun Yee On). On foot, the player character has the additional ability to walk, run, jump, climb over obstacles and swim, as well as use weapons and martial arts skills in combat. Players are also capable of driving a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, boats and motorcycles.

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Sleeping Dogs Review

By: Cinderkin Aug 14, 2012 | 1 Comments

Started out as Black Lotus starring a female protagonist, then becoming the next gen True Crime, and later named True Crime: Hong Kong has found its home in Sleeping Dogs. Is this identity complex game worth your money? Find out in this Review.

Sleeping Dogs has had its ups and downs in its fairly long development cycle. Originally starting off as a new IP called Black Lotus; then being turned into the latest in the True Crime franchise and then ultimately scrapped and cancelled by its former publisher Activision back in 2010. There wasn’t much to be excited about once Square Enix decided to pick up United Front’s latest game and change the name to Sleeping Dogs. Was this a smart move for Square Enix or should Sleeping Dogs do as its name implies and be put down.


The story in Sleeping Dogs follows a man named Wei Shen who was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in the United States after his mother decided to give him and his late sister Mimi a better life in America. Wei now back in Hong Kong as an undercover cop is sent in to infiltrate a well known triad group known as the Sun On Yee (a reference to a real group known as the Sun Yee On).  Wei’s main goal is to follow triad members and ultimately cripple the organization from the inside out. Wei grew up with most of the lower class triad members, and has a personal stake in the undercover operation, which leads his handler Raymond questioning his motives. Throughout the story Wei has to remember who he is and what his true goal is, as he fights with himself mentally to break from becoming too involved with the triads.

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Did somebody add Sleeping Dogs to the catalog? Make sure you click the HYPE METER on Gouki. New trailer promises amazing gun play.

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As I watched this video for the first time, I took some notes. I time stamped them. It's Sleeping Dogs, it's Square Enix. It's the end. :(

0:42 You might need to read to play this game. Unless you speak Chinese.

0:52 Cellphone time! The most annoying part of GTA IV.

1:03 Send Johnny Rat Face thru.

1:18 Way to show off your new game by getting into the car on the passenger's side. :| So far this looks exactly like GTA IV, but worse.

2:23 WTF, cellphone minigames? I hate cellphones. I don't want to play a game, playing a game on a hand held. Fuck!

2:40 Everybody is driving on the wrong side of the street.

2:58 Cut scene

3:10 Jumps you into a combat scene.

3:35 The studio worked with some MMA Jimmy you've never heard of to make the combat as authentic as possible. Using the environment around you looks really, but overall the combat is a Batman (Arkham series) clone.

4:15 So the knife just breaks?

4:27 The shooting looks cool.

4:56 Jimmys is getting blasted!

5:35 The shooting looks like the best part so far. Now getting on a motorcycle. :(

5:38 He puts on a helmet. lol.

5:54 This is what we saw at E3. Shooting out the tire causes the car to flip into the air. Perfectly normal right?

6:04 Another car goes flying!

6:13 Now for a motorcycle. lol.

6:20 Double!

6:57 Car swapping in real time is pretty sweet.

Not that excited for this one? Has Square Enix taken on more games than they can handle? I don't know anymore. So many of my favorite video game companies have been struglling with making new games.

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