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By Arthvader — December 27, 2012
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Maximilian (of Assist Me fame) has uploaded his latest episode of his 3rd Strike the Online Warrior. Be on the lookout in this episode for a match between me and Max.

Here's the Video:

As everyone would know, Maximilian is famous for his Assist Me series of videoes, teaching players the importance of various characters in both MvC3 and UMvC3. He also does a series of videoes know as The Online Warrior, where he shows matches he has in various games, ranging from UMvC3, 3rd Strike, SFxT, SC5, and SSFIV2012AE. I've decided to put this video in particular, because 8 minutes into this episode, I ended up getting into a match with him. It was such an intensive match between my Remy and his Dudley. Even though I may have lost in that match, I definitely had a great time fighting him. Mind you that this happened back on December 3 (the same day when I did my Arthvader Fights segment on 3rd strike using Oro),

What do you think about Maximilian and his works? Leave your comments on the bottom. Don't forget to Vote and Share, and don't be a Jimmy!!!!

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