The Callisto Protocol

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The Callisto Protocol

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Release Date: Dec 2, 2022

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From the developers who brought you Dead Space.


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Doesn’t look like a nice place to be stuck in.

It’s still hard to believe that game studios and game publishers will let developers go and they just leave and make a new studio and a new game. My mind is blown. What’s the latest news on Dead Space 3? I don’t know, haven’t heard anything. Callisto Protocol looks amazing. Look at the faces on these characters. Is that the girl from The Boys? I said before that I’d rather watch people play these types of games, but this new trailer for Callisto Protocol has me kinda wanting to play it myself. I guess we’ll see when the game is released in December.

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Amazing Death Sequence in "The Callisto Protocol"

By: goukijones Aug 25, 2022 | 0 Comments

Gamescom 2022 Gameplay Trailer

Please answer me this. Would you rather play Dead Space 3 from EA or play a game LIKE Dead Space, but it’s made by the original Devs of Dead Space. Wait, watch this trailer first. The trailer is so dark it was almost impossible to get good screenshots. The monsters look great and very well animated. You can grab enemies and use them to block projectiles of another enemy. Awesome! Grind’em up! The water segment steals the show here. Great water design. The falling and dodging feels great. But the end, the end has such a great and shocking scene for first time viewers. I’m sure this game is going to be a big hit!

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Big fan of over-the-shoulder limb removal?

The original Dead Space developers return to bring you a game that’s just like Dead Space, just not Dead Space. This is because EA owns Dead Space now and is making their own versions. We’ve seen this similar story with many different video games over the years. Halo for me being the most notable. The Callisto Protocol looks really good though and Dead Space fans have got to be excited for this one. There’s even a power meter on the back of his neck. Just like Issac had on his spine.

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