Triangle Strategy

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Triangle Strategy

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Release Date: Mar 4, 2022

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This game currently has a demo available on the Nintendo Switch. There is no release date. Wikipededia says 2022.

Release date announced during Nintendo Direct 9/23/2021.


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Transfer your saved data to the full game, once purchased.

A new demo of chapters 1-3 is available now on Nintendo eShop! Download today & transfer your save data when the game releases on March 4. The graphics in this game blow my mind. Some moments in this trailer look so clear and so 3D during the combat and magic. I just can’t wait to play this. I’ll have Prolugue Demo review up soon.

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3 choices, how convenient...

Might. Go down to the damn and blow it to shit. This method will kill a lot of people and mess up the water system. Nah man, I want to live in this castle and I need to be able to flush. Diplomacy? I think not. Nothing diplomatic about my character. He wants this castle and he’s going to take it. Deceit, that’s the plan. We’ll sneak into the enemy camp at night and slit their throats.

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How will you justify your convictions?

This is going to be one complicated story. Good thing I didn’t really understand what was going on in the original Final Fantasy Tactics game, so I’ll fit right in here. There are 3 nations battling over control of the salt. The salt wars. In this video we get introduced to Roland Glenbrook. He’s got royal blood in his body and now he must win the SALT WARS!

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