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Release Date: Mar, 2022

Hyped 100 % - Not 0 %

WWE 2K22. It Hits Different. Crowd popping, chills inducing, it's back this March 2022 redefined from the ground up.


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It’s back! GM mode in WWE 2K22!

Set for release in March of 2022. This is the first news we’ve received on the game since it was announced way back in May. Now we have reveals of MyGM, MyFaction, MyRise, Universe Mode, & Creation Mode. Plus, the graphics! Wow man, it looks really great. We’re definitely dealing with the first Next-Gen WWE game. We’re expecting a lengthy detailed report of the game's features in January. Probably around Royal Rumble time. Seriously though… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

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Coming in 2022

We get a peek at some of the WWE Superstars appearing in the latest WWE simulator from 2K Games. This game has been in development for more than 2 years now and is "redefined from the ground up." I think all of us wrestling game fans are waiting for the great WWE wrestling game. Will this be it? We’ll be watching closely as more information is sure to come out leading up to the March 2022 release date.

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It’s The Rated R Superstar!

It’s been 2 years since the last WWE2K game. Last year they released WWE Battlegrounds which was more of an arcade fighter than a wrestling simulator. This year we are going back to a full on simulation with a complete overhaul of the game. Take a look at the image of Edge. So far so good! We’ll have more information coming as soon as WWE and 2K show us more this weekend at SummerSlam.

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