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Can You See Him? John Cena On The Cover "WWE 2K23"

By: goukijones Jan 23 (6 days ago) | 0 Comments

I have tons of photos with John and I.

Ok so who else thought WWE games coming every year was going to be a thing again? Not me, that for sure. Unfortunately the game is still being made for old-gen consoles. Which is kind of shocking to me since the next-gens have been more available recently. Who wants to make a pool on how many more mainstream triple a games will be released for old consoles. Games like Madden and WWE though can always use an annual update because the roster and the environment changes so much. This isn’t a bad thing. In WWE 2K23 we will be getting for the first time ever, a War Games match. WAR GAMES!

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Coming in 2022

We get a peek at some of the WWE Superstars appearing in the latest WWE simulator from 2K Games. This game has been in development for more than 2 years now and is "redefined from the ground up." I think all of us wrestling game fans are waiting for the great WWE wrestling game. Will this be it? We’ll be watching closely as more information is sure to come out leading up to the March 2022 release date.

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CM Punk in an old dictator style video, tells you he is the best in the world & asks if you want to live the revolution? Well do ya Jimmy?

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THQ has released a new trailer showcasing the final roster for the latest installment of the WWE wrestling games WWE ’13.

WWE ’13 has been advertised as the living the revolution version, which is filled with modern superstars and the beloved attitude era wrestlers. Check out the trailer below.

So many HHH makes me a little sick. I for one haven't watched too much wrestling as of late, but absolutely love the Attitude Era and WWE '13 is shaping up to be the best in the series, just on roster alone.

What are your thoughts? Do you like wrestling? If so be sure to check us out at Dropthebelt.com an official Gouki.com sister site where you can participate in the greatest game of all time. Join Fantasy leagues and share your passion for Wrestling with one of the best communities around.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

At this point we're pretty good at making these videos. Unfortunately the SvR can't do more than 6 wrestlers on the screen at once, so we had to cut the actual Survivor match out. But you still got The Rock & John Cena VS Awesome Truth.

John Morrison VS Dolph Ziggler for the US Title.

My prediction: Dolph Ziggler. Easy. #Heel.

Eve VS Beth Phoenix for the Diva's Championship.

My prediction. Beth Phoenix. Squash. Kelly Kelly gonna do something crazy to cost Eve the match.

Big Show VS Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.

My prediction: Nobody cares about this match. Mark Henry wins.

I believe the Survivor Series match will then take place. We don't have a video for that one sorry. The games don't do 12-man tags. Nnnnnnuab.

CM Punk VS Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship.

My prediction: is actually my prayey. CM Punk is in my fantasy league and I need that title through WM. CM Punk in a so-so ok match.

The Rock and John Cena VS Awesome Truth for nothing special really.

My prediction. The Rock and John Cena duh. Then the two get into to set up more heat for WM. 

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