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Top Gear Returns in Forza 5

By: Cinderkin May 24, 2013 | 3 Comments

Top Gear is returning to Forza 5 later this year according to the recently unveiled Xbox One box art. Check it out!

Microsoft has revealed what "gamers" can look forward to when it comes to what Xbox One game cases will look like. What is shown is a small logo for Top Gear, the BBC's motor show.

What this will likely mean is that Top Gear tracks and features are going to return from Forza 4. We just won't know what exactly until more information is given.

Below is the Concept art of what Xbox One games will look like.


Forza 5 will release on launch of the Xbox One.... ugh later this year.


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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New Street Fighter X Tekken Reveal Trailers.

By: Cinderkin Sep 1, 2011 | 7 Comments | Updated: Sep 1, 2011

Capcom has released a couple new character reveal trailers for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game. I think it's safe to say that they are making these much harder than before. I think they added more than 1 character to each video. Check it out.

Who do you think it is? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


Also Capcom has just released the official box art for the game as well. Check it out!

 Street Fighter X Tekken Box Art


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PAX 2010 - The Lowdown on Mortal Kombat

By: Cinderkin Sep 13, 2010 | 4 Comments

New Character Revealed, Secrets, Fatalities

Guys over at uploaded this to youtube


Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Out Next Week!

By: Cinderkin Jan 21, 2011 | 16 Comments

Crysis 2 6 on 6 multiplayer demo is dropping in on the 25th of Jan, same day as the Bulletstorm demo. Check out the new trailer!

Crysis 2 is looking bad ass. Some of the sweetest multiplayer changes I've seen to date. Sliding into cars and knocking them over for cover, climbing over obstacles to slam down on enemies. Ok so maybe it's been done before, but Crysis 2 makes it look damn good.

After watching the trailer I'm stoked to get my hands on this demo. Looks like a lot of fun. According to a recent press release, the Crysis 2 MP demo will include the "Skyline" map, and two game modes: "Team Instant Action" - AKA Team Deathmatch - and "Crash Site" - AKA Crysis 2's take on territories

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



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Cross Counter: Season 3 episode 2.

By: Cinderkin Dec 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

Another episode of Cross Counter featuring Gootecks, and Mike Ross. In this episode the guys talk about the VGAs, Marvel vs Capcom 3 Food Fight, a few tournaments, and a Top 5 best of 2010. Check it out!



Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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MvC3: Phoenix Mission Mode Complete

By: Cinderkin Feb 6, 2011 | 10 Comments

SmexyMillz has uploaded a video showcasing Phoenix Mission Mode for Marvel vs Capcom 3. This video goes through all 10 of her missions, giving you a taste of what Mission Mode is all about. Check it out!

So what do you think of the Mission Mode in MvC3? Is it something you'll try? Tell us in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy! Check out SmexyMillz youtube for a ton of Marvel vs Capcom 3 footage.

Source: SmexyMillz Youtube Channel

BiffOTasty posted a video showing Desk going through all of Ryu's most challenging trials with one hand.

Found this Video over at

Here's what he had to say about it.

"I had the idea, spent about an hour going through the trials to see if it was doable. Then recorded this the next day in about half an hour (including the time spent starting and stopping my [crappy] camera). 21 and 24 were the hardest, almost made me reconsider trying to do it, but then I realized that I was hardcore."

Can you do this? Tell us in the Comments.


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Bizarre Creations Officially Gets Shut Down.

By: Cinderkin Feb 15, 2011 | 8 Comments

The Liverpool based developer Bizarre Creations gets shut down. Activision is pulling the plug.

Activision was originally trying to sell the company Bizarre Creations back in November, but now it seems that they weren't able to sell. Activision has decided to shut down Bizarre (developers of PGR, Blood Stone, and Blur).

Develop reports that sources inside Bizarre seem positive regarding the way in which Activision is conducting the closure, although it's also said that the publisher "meddled" in certain projects and failed to support games with the level of marketing they required. Blur and James Bond: Blood Stone's recent poor performance at retail reflect this.

Bizarre Creations was famous for PGR, Blur, and Metropolis Speed Racer (Dreamcast). Even the not so good games like 007 Blood Stone and The Club. With over 200 employees Bizarre Creations will be missed by plenty.

Source: Game Informer




SkullGirls is Coming This Year

By: Cinderkin Feb 3, 2011 | 12 Comments

A new 2D fighting game is coming out later this year. With the same art style as Scott Pilgrim and Lava Punch. Check out the press release.

Autumn Games and Reverge Labs to Unleash Skullgirls in 2011; Additional Details to be Revealed at GDC

Los Angeles – Feb. 3, 2011
– Prepare for the fight of your life! Autumn Games, a premier publisher of interactive entertainment, is working with game developer Reverge Labs to develop Skullgirls, a new fast-paced 2D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce female warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. The team is led by renowned fighting game champion Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and artist Alex Ahad, whose work has appeared in many publications, including Scott Pilgrim and Lava Punch. Using advanced graphical technology never before achieved in a game of its type, Skullgirls is currently in development for a 2011 release on high-definition home consoles.

“We believe that Skullgirls has the chops to be the next big 2D fighter – it has amazing art, tight gameplay, and a rich and deep backstory,” said Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games. “Working with the talented group at Reverge Labs is an added bonus, particularly with Mike Z’s expertise in the competitive games arena and Alex Ahad’s phenomenal art style. Together we’re delivering a challenging and competitive – and really fun – game, wrapped in the convenience and easy expandability of DLC on the two leading gaming services.”

“We’re aiming to create a new take on fighting games, drawing on our own experience as competitive gamers to combine the best elements of classic fighters into something with intense action, an engaging story and the most advanced 2D fighting engine ever created,” said Richard Wyckoff, CEO, Reverge Labs. “Autumn Games is quickly making a name for itself in the industry as a publisher of fresh and exciting games and a true partner to independent game developers, and they were the ideal choice for us to partner with on Skullgirls.”

Sign up to receive Skullgirls news at, or become a fan on Facebook for game updates, exclusive artwork and more. ESRB RATING PENDING: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

Additional details will be revealed at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 1-2, where Skullgirls will be shown by appointment only. Qualified press should contact Racheal Caswell at Wonacott Communications ([email protected]) in advance to schedule a hands-on preview.

# # #

About Autumn Games
Autumn Games is a premier publisher of interactive entertainment focused on partnering with leading creative talent to deliver blockbuster video games and related media through long-term partnerships with a number of the most respected game studios in the industry. Autumn Games’ mission is to support these creative teams in their efforts to make cutting-edge, culturally impactful entertainment. Autumn Games was founded as a joint venture between Communications Equity Associates (“CEA”) and Autumn Entertainment Partners, combining CEA’s 37 year track record in global media and entertainment, private equity and merchant banking with Autumn Entertainment Partners’ unparalleled expertise in content finance.

For more information, please visit

About Reverge Labs
Reverge Labs, LLC is a new independent developer committed to creating high-quality downloadable games. Founded by CEO Richard Wyckoff and CTO Emil Dotchevski, Reverge draws on combined game development experience of more than 40 years to create unique artistic visions using cutting-edge development techniques.

For more information, please visit

So what do you think? Is this something you would play? Are you waiting to see more? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

The newest Shadow Mode DLC has come out, this time for $1 or 80msp. Although a dollar isn't a lot. Shadow Mode isn't that impressive to begin with. It was fine for free, but charging for it doesn't seem worth it. Anyone else agree?

If you are interested in Shadow Mode then here is what's in store:

Are you getting the second installment of Shadow Mode? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


Nintendo has revealed a new trailer for Wii-U and 3DS with a surprise Blue Bomber! Check it out!

Read full story...


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Sagat Joins The Street Fighter X Tekken Roster!

By: Cinderkin May 17, 2011 | 10 Comments

This image recently surfaced showing a partial shot of the Character Select screen, and the 7 foot Muay Thai Tiger is seen in the shot. With one eye and scar across his chest, Sagat is an opponent to be feared. TIIIIGEEER UPPERCUT!

Now you can have your very own Full House fighter in the new Street Fighter X Tekken, as seen in the screen shot. You saw it here first BOB SAGAT secret character.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!



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