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New Update to Pony-Kart. This video shows the concept art and is Narrated by one of the head designers and shows in game animations and sounds.

Have a look at the PreAphla design. It's a very Mario Kartish style game that currently copies the graphic style as well. Being that this is an early build of a fan made game these visuals could change dramatically over the next month or two and more closely resemble the shows visuals rather than Mario Karts visuals. Still this is impressive stuff coming from a new start up in the Indie game developers arena.

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New video of the creation process involved in making a Kart racing game involving Ponies.

The following video is narrated by one of the designers on the team and he takes you through all the current improvments and concept art that is going into this fan game.



PonyKart another fan made game for My Little Pony

By: Aragrist Jan 26, 2012 | 4 Comments | Updated: Feb 20, 2012

This was just released today on Equestria Daily. It seems that a new game developer has thrown their hat into the creation of a freeware fan game for the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This time it's Kart Racing.

Have a look at the PreAphla design. It's a very Mario Kartish style game that currently copies the graphic style as well. Being that this is an early build of a fan made game these visuals could change dramatically over the next month or two and more closely resemble the shows visuals rather than Mario Karts visuals. Still this is impressive stuff coming from a new start up in the Indie game developers arena.



My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic Update

By: Aragrist Nov 2, 2011 | 15 Comments | Updated: Dec 4, 2011

This game is still in development by Mane6 but they started putting out a lot of updates to their progress and on top of that they released a new video showing other characters.

Now of course I'm sure most will look at this and say what the hell are you posting about this girl crap? But trust me, this game actually plays well and is fun. I watch a livestream demo and got to see actual real time game play and considering this is a fan game made by a new developement team with no prior games I'd say they have some skills in the design and gameplay department. This may be a group to watch for in the future when they decided to make other games.

The game itself is freeware and I'm guessing it will be available on Windows PC's and maybe Mac's. Console versions would require getting a proper license from Hasbro. A free app version could show up on the iPhone and Android OS's.

Here's a scene from a livestream preview with the creators of the game. They talk and demo some of the features.


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Cars 2 for the wii... sucks.

By: Aragrist Jul 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

My son got this game for his birthday and I feel like he got ripped off.

First off why are all the game modes locked? Second why can't you race other people right out of the box?

Mario Kart doesn't make it a pain in the ass just to play multiplayer. With Cars 2 it seemed to me that the design of this game was overly complicated considering it's a kids game. When a seven year old can't get through the start screen and start a race on his own you know there's a problem. Once we messed with it for a while he was able to get to a type of multiplayer but it wasn't fun and it wasn't racing. It was training. They force you to do training courses to learn how to jump turn and do just about everything that should be natural to anyone that's ever played a game like this before. I was at target the other day and saw Mario kart for the wii and just picked it up and started playing,. The controls are way different than on the Game Cube but they are intuitive and natural and I was able to just play and have fun. Not so with Cars 2 which makes everything a chore and doesn't even have the play machanics to rival low end kart racers. At least the graphics were nice and crisp.

Definitely Flush this pile.

Graphics get a 4 out of 5

I looks like the cars movie which is all I can say is good about this game.

Audio gets a 4 out of 5

Sure the sound works nice and the voices are cool and I think may even be done by the real actors but they get repeatitive.

Controls get a 2 out of 5

Super sluggish and overly complexe for a kids game.

Story gets a 3 out of 5

It's just the Cars 2 story line from what I saw and that movie kind of sucked anyway.

My opinion-- This game was a waste of time and effort. Go get Mario Kart instead.


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Conduit 2 Opinions Based on an old school gamer.

By: Aragrist Jul 21, 2011 | 4 Comments

I tried to play through this game and couldn't even make it through the first couple parts. I loved the story and voice acting but I had a real problem with the controls.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good game. My problem with it is that I can't seem to get the hang of the control scheme. I grew up playing Golden Eye and other analog based FPS and then stopped playing all together for about 5 years before starting up on the Wii. The idea of a point and shoot interface was always a dream of mine so when I saw this game I got excited. Unfortunately I can't seem to get around the wavy loose constantly moving screen to make any shots. I hope the fault is all on me and that my wii is just not setup properly but I fear it's not the case.

I did watch videos of the storyline on youtube and loved how they played out the story and even the voice acting was pretty good for a wii game. I like just about everything about this game except the controll system. I wish they would allow you to use the nunchuck to look around like in the old school FPS's and the directional pad on the wii-mote to move forward and strafe left and right. If you could revert to that this game would rock for an old timer like myself.

All that said I don't own the classic controller or anything to try and see if that option is available. I heard it is but I haven't checked and I never read instructions because I'm impatient to play the game.

I definitely say rent this game and give it a once over to see if you're up to the controls before putting hard earned cash down.

Graphics I give a solid 4 out of 5

The visuals for wii games are always crap compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 but in this case I feel Sega really took the time to make pleasingly realistic low res visuals that still seem to pop on my 1080p TV. I also love the evironmental interaction with walls and glass and stuff. Remember that the last FPS I played was on the Game Cube and that was a very limited piece of hardware compared to our current systems.

Audio I give a 5 out of 5

Mainly for the voice acting since I love it when a game keeps moving rather than pausing to read people's dialog. Also I just loved the music and sound effects. The audio gave it a good feature film vibe that I dig when playing action shooters.

Controls I give 1 out of  5

I say this only because I couldn't figure it out. I'm sure there are seasoned pros that picked this game up and just blew through it making head shots right and left. I just couldn't master it and it depressed me to finally have what I always wanted in a game and not be able to use it.  Someday I want to sit down with a developer and have them make my vision of perfect FPS controls something that combines elements of analog and D-pad controls with the point and shoot of a light gun game. I just don't want to control my looking around with the point and shoot interface. I want them seperate.

Story I give 4 out of 5

Story for me is the most important thing. I like to read good books and watch deep films and play epic games. I love Final Fantasy VI for instance. Story means everything and this game showed me an interesting tale even though I was unable to make it that far into it or see how it played out. So since I'm basing this on what I saw I give it a 4 because I liked where it was going and also because I don't know where it went. Could of been 5 if I got to see the end but I feel a 4 is fine for what I saw.


I know this review is not much of a review and most will probably shit all over it and call me an idiot which is fine since I am. But since I didn't get far I would love to see comments telling me what I missed.

Thank you.



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Wii U: New Tech Built on Old Tech? Maybe not.

By: Aragrist Jun 7, 2011 | 7 Comments

Just watched the Nintendo press conference for the wii u. I love the wii u but hate that they are still using the Nintendo wii as the console it runs off of. Or is the wii-u a totally new console with improved graphics and 1080p outputs?


  1. Appearantly I was hasty with my take on the video from the conference. My brother-in-law pointed out this tech spec list that claims to be from Nintendo. I hope our guys at the conference got a copy of this spec sheet to confirm it. But it shows that the wii u is actually a NEW CONSOLE with updated graphics and 1080p outputs. Here is the list of specs
  2. It also seems there are some games that are displaying PS3 game play visual levels. I'm not 100% sure just how well they compare at this point since I'm going by what I see on the videos. Actual game play could be less pretty if these early builds turn out to be final builds. I am completely blown away by the Aliens trailer, the new wii-u UI and controller will make that game jump off the screen and completely freak you out like the movie did.

Nintendo has released a specs sheet for its upcoming system, Wii U.

Text direct from Nintendo:

Launches: 2012

Size: Approximately 1.8 inches tall, 6.8 inches wide and 10.5 inches long.

New Controller: The new controller incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen and traditional button controls, including two analog Circle Pads. This combination removes the traditional barriers between games, players and the TV by creating a second window into the video game world. The rechargeable controller includes a Power button, Home button, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons. It includes a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, rumble feature, camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, a sensor strip and a stylus.

Other Controls: Up to four Wii Remote (or Wii Remote Plus) controllers can be connected at once.
The new console supports all Wii controllers and input devices, including the
Nunchuk controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and Wii Balance

Media: A single self-loading media bay will play 12-centimeter proprietary high-density
optical discs for the new console, as well as 12-centimeter Wii optical discs.

Video Output: Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Compatible cables include HDMI,
component, S-video and composite.

Audio Output: Uses AV Multi Out connector. Six-channel PCM linear output through HDMI.

Storage: The console will have internal flash memory, as well as the option to expand its
memory using either an SD memory card or an external USB hard disk drive.

CPU: IBM Power-based multi-core microprocessor.

Other: Four USB 2.0 connector slots are included. The new console is backward compatible
with Wii games and Wii accessories.




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Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2

By: aragrist Mar 25, 2011 | 7 Comments

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 is going to sport 1080p visuals on an HDTV while also running a display on the touch screen.

As you can see the graphic improvments are very impressive for a hand-held device. Apple claimed 9x's the power in the graphics of the iPad 2 and this demo really shows off that improvment. The iPad itself is used as a steering wheel and also as a display for the track map and stats on the current race. The developer Firemint says the game runs at a silky smooth 30 fps in full screen 1080p.

This is the first game to make use of dual displays on the iPad 2 and to run native 1080p visuals through the video out adapter. Now that App developers can see just what can be done I believe we will start seeing console quality games showing up for the iPad 2 making it a full fledged mobile hand-hand and TV console system able to display lower end current gen graphics. I say lower end only because I haven't seen anyone release something on the level of Xbox 360 or PS3 yet. But since it can display 1080p visuals it's only a matter of time before some developer finds a way to make PS3 quality games for the iPad2.

This also makes me wonder what will be happening with Apple TV. It is very likely that they could make games for it running wii quality graphics using an iPhone or iPod touch as a controller, but I think they will wait for the next version of Apple TV with 1080p before making an App store for it and games.

Of course all that said, Apple is currently looking into making AirPlay availible as a native funtion in new HDTV's making Apple TV redondent. In that case I'm guessing that the next step will be to send 1080p visuals over AirPlay directly to HDTV's meaning that your iPod 5th gen, iPhone 5 and iPad 2 or 3 will be a portable home console that plays on whatever TV you are sitting in front of.

I hope that Apple engineers read this site and take my idea to heart. If they succeed it will be a real game changer for all the system makers. Imagine not having to have a system wired to your TV. You simply look through your library of games and select the TV in your house you wish to play on and start playing. Maybe you get tired of playing on the main TV and want to lay in bed while still playing the same game. You just pause it hit the airplay symbol and select the bedroom tv and hit pause again to pick up where you left off. When you leave the house for a rode trip just play on the touch screen.

If the level of graphics can match what is used by a PS3 or Xbox 360 then I think you have the perfect console. What say you?

A series of interview with mc chris that spans video games, music, TV and comics. Enjoy.

mc chris rants about Kingdom Hearts II and Resident Evil 4

Interview with mc chris about nerdcore lifestyle and his love of video games and song.

mc chris selling D&D and other nerd stuff to fight cystic fibrosis.

mc chris interview with

mc chris talking about his music career

I'm not going to bother with a detailed review of these games. Mainly because I haven't beaten them death yet. But I'll say what I think with the time I've had on them.

MadWorld... what can I say? It's boring! Sure you get to kill a lot of people in fun creative ways but after doing it for an hour it gets very repeatitive and since there is no real story(at least not one worth paying attention to) you get tired of it fast. The graphics are not good and I feel the artsy black and white color pallete is designed to hide the fact that the graphics are weak. The play machanics are equally slugish and uninspired. I mean I really can't think of a reason to go back to this game and beat it.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom is better but not by much. When compared to other fighting games it lacks a lot. Maybe it's because I was raised during the salad days of Street Fighter II when your skill with 6 bottons made or broke you in combat but this 3 botton fighter just doesn't play well. I'm not saying it's not a fun game for beginners but when I select Ryu I expect to have 3 punches and 3 kicks not 3 random punches and kicks that I cannot control.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom does have some fun worthwhile features that I like. It has internet matches that set up fast and easy with other people playing around the world. It also has rankings and an ingame store where you can unlock characters and other special bonus material using points you get from playing the game. You can even get a rival online and strive to one day kick the shit out of him.

Out of all the games I have on the Wii I really like Tatsunoko vs Capcom and hope that they try bringing out a fuller version of the game with 6 attack bottons instead of 3. As for the sound, I'd give it an A. The voice was good the sound effects were good and the music was good. The graphics were ok. No where near the PS3 or 360 but good enough to look like arcade quality. The animation of the characters and their design was excellent and the list of fighters was pretty good though I would of liked to see more.


MadWorld I'd Flush it! Just because it doesn't have anything really to offer other than violence.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom I'd Buy it! if you don't have a PS3 or 360. If you have a better system then I'd rent it just to try out the anime characters.



Get Ready for a New Gaming Console... Maybe.

By: Aragrist Feb 10, 2011 | 12 Comments

Apple may be planning to enter the console market with their Apple TV turning it into a streaming gaming console.

I heard from MacRumors that some one has found code in the newest 4.3 Beta build of iOS that make several references to something called "ATVGames" and  "ATVThunder" that point to a controller of some sort. It also suggests leaderboards, multiplayer game scheduling and an Apple TV App Store.

Some are comparing its streaming gaming platform as similar to OnLive another streaming game service where games are streamed to you rather than stored locally on your device.

With what's been seen running on the new iOS gaming wise and the fact that the hardware is the same as that running in the iphone 4 and iPad, the Apple TV should be able to put out some really good games with visuals matching and even surpassing the Wii. Don't expect massive RPG's with lots of high end 1080p graphics but you should get some really nice 720p visuals.

The bigger question is how are you supposed to play games on a system that has no real control? I have an Apple TV and the remote may be able to be used as simple directional controller but it lacks a lot of what we are used to in a controller. I suppose if you used your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad as a controller you could costumize the controls for every game. But how about a stadard controller? It wouldn't be hard or expensive to simply release a gaming remote for the device and even link more than one to the Apple TV for multiplayer games.

iPad games should be able to make a direct jump to the Apple TV given they already have a higher resolution. But once again the controller for those games would have to mirror the touch screen of the iPad to make them playable. They could release a Wii-like controller to allow touch-like gestures on your tv but that would also require another sensor bar so I doubt they will go for that.

My guess is that if you have a touch iphon or ipad you will have access to games on the Apple TV when and if it goes console. $99 bucks for a console isnt bad either.



Street Fighter IV for iPod got an update

By: aragrist Sep 26, 2010 | 4 Comments

Street Fighter IV got an update a few days ago adding new characters and Downloadable content.

I know I know! I haven't been a good writer or a good gamer lately. I haven't been updating my iPod games or even playing them much with the exception of Robot Unicorn Attack (one of the best pick and play games to give you an uncomfortable Gay feeling). So I was shocked the other day when I saw a massive update for Street Fighter IV on my iTunes apps update. The update added a couple of new characters namely E. Honda and Viper as well as adding a new option from the main menu, Downloadable content. I have yet been able to check out what you can buy  and download since my wi-fi has been acting a bit wacky, that and my iPod's battery has been getting drained by all the SFIV I've been playing while out and about. As soon as get a chance I'll update this article with my findings in the downloadable content option.

Apple just announced the new iPod Touch and it looks to be the perfect all in one system.

Now I say it's an all in one system which means more people will use it for other things other than gaming. It holds the largest market share of any portable system out there outselling both Nintendo and Sony combined but those numbers only state that the units sold outnumber Nintendo and Sony not that all those units will be used by gamers. The upside for gamers that use iPod Touch is that game companies will have to start taking apple's device seriously as a source of revenue. Even if only 50% of the people that buy an iPod Touch buy games for it that is still a big enough share of the market to make companies like Capcom think about developing new games that take advantage of the 4th gen hardware in the new iPod Touch.

It is very possible that the 3DS will kill and take over the market again but it is unlikely it will out sell the iPod Touch. The difference will be that the 3DS will bring out better 3D games while the iPod Touch will more than likely bring out ports of older side scrollers and a few original 3D titles. The price point of classic games will be around $0.99 to $5.00 while original games or high end game ports will be around $5.00 to $9.99 which will appeal to the same crowd Nintendo likes to target.

Sony needs to make a new portable system or simply give up on that market like Microsoft seems to have done. Sony is in a position to build a system that can rival Apple's and Nintendo's if they just focus on it. but it seems they are spread thin across multiple markets and their gaming focus seems to be home consoles. Their latest attack ads show off crappy $9.99 games to try to get iPod Touch gamers to jump ship. The problem is that most iPod Touch users use their Touch for a lot more than just games. Sony doesn't seem to know this or they just refuse to acknowledge this fact. Sony should consider making the PSP hardware part of their cell phone line or better yet make new hardware that is smaller more powerful and focuses on gaming.

Until Nintendo gets into the cell phone game or until they try their hand at Micro Computers like Apple I don't see a real competitor to the iPod Touch.

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