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About: Dragon Age: Origins (x)

Dragon Age Ultimate Edition is a compilation of Dragon Age Origins and Awakening. Both excellent games and highly recommended by me personally.

Never forget ... in Dragon Age, if you choose a male elf, you will have the option to have sex with another male elf in the game. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Its just unfortunate that this game will go down in history for all of it's homosexuality. Remember the Naked Joining? Oh boy. This will be released on October 26, 2010.

Bonus video - Witch Hunt DLC

Maybe I'll force myself to play games I don't really want to play. sad face.

Short and sweet. I need an adventure baaaaaad. I will not go back to Final Fantasy XI. I've been thinking about playing Dragon Age Origins again, it might get a boot up tomorrow.

BatRastered got Heavy Rain in the mail from Gamefly yesterday. I think I might open his mail. FEDERAL! What about God of War III, I've had that sitting there for 3 weeks. Oh yeah, I can't find my vibrating PS3 controller. I need the rumble in my stick yo. Sixaxis is for whack asses.  

Super Street Fighter IV tournament mode. 8 and 4 man tournaments. You can also have a 9th or 5th man who hosts the tournament. I might be a little behind here, but I just unpacked my FightStick from the move. Wanna get a tournament going tomorrow, leave a comment and get Cannon Spiked Jimah!!  

*PWNfest line-up subject to change depending on how much I have to drink.

$49.99 free shipping out the door tomorrow. Don't be a Jimmy. Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening games for $49.99 and free shipping. Plus an inflatable sword for DAO II given out at the San Diego Comic-Con

September 16 2010 at 12pm PDT will be selling direct to you, Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening. For $49.99 you get our review copies of the both games, which includes an awesome and very large inflatable sword we got from San Diego Comic-Con. Bonus! Free Shipping from USPS and you can track it. 

I hope you get your monies worth. did with their Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening stories.

Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening +DAO2 inflatable sword for $49.99.

Strip all of your characters before any cut scene for hilariousness!

This happened on my second play thru. Money is not easy to come by early on in the game. So in classic RPG style I removed all the gear and weapons from party members I knew were going to die. Just to sell the equipment later. Jimah!

Off-screen HD Capture Jimmy!

Two very popular titles for the holiday season less that $40 bucks for a limited time only! FREE SHIPPING

Hours of gameplay and tons of fun guaranteed in these two super hot titles. For less than $40 bucks right now and free shipping you can't beat it. I'm sure you'll get your monies worth Jimmy!

Dragon Age Origins box art
Dragon Age: Origins $39.82 with Free Shipping

Left 4 Dead 2 box art
Left 4 Dead 2 $38.96 with Free Shipping

After an 8 month hiatus of the game I have returned to defeat the Archdemon and his wicked ways.

It was 8 months ago when I slayed my last Darkspawn. I remember the huge dragon waiting high above in the canyon peak. I could see him if I angled myself right. All I have to do is go whack that Chinese gong and I know he'll come down to see who is making all that racket. I know this, because I have been foolish enough to whack that gong before. I got frickin' railed. Anyway that was 8 months ago. I've been Fiending for a new adventure and I remember that Dragon Age Origins - even though Papabear destroys it in Vlog #11 - had some elements of RPG's that I do enjoy. Something about it had me hooked. I just can't remember.

So I popped that disc in the Xbox yesterday, INSTALLED it on the hard drive - That's right I'm serious. It's been so long since I played and the game knew this. Every step of the way when I first started it gave me pop ups for all the controls and how stuff worked. That was cool, that helped me get back into it even faster. It didn't take long for me to start switching up during combat, changing weapons on the fly, making potions and poisons and of course getting weapons augmented. Enchantment? Enchantment!! The retard dwarf child in the game is still something I'm getting used to.

When I stopped playing 8 months ago, I was totally lost. I never used the internet on Dragon Age Origins. That moratorium had been lifted for this second visiting. The thing I couldn't find before, sitting right next to me when I loaded up the game. I didn't even have to fuck with that dragon and that gong. Proper Nuab! So now I'm rolling, I got the ashes, this Jimmys is coming back to life and there mo Darkspawn in Denerim then a muthafucka! I played for 10 hours straight last night. I unlocked 5 achievements (in ya face!) Today when I got up I was ready to go to The Battle of Denerim.

If you've read this far, you should know that Dragon Age Origins is a very deep and tactical dungeon crawling RPG from Bioware. The same Jimmys that make Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic. Two of my favorite games of all time. Dragon Age Origins is a spiritual successor to a game called Baldur's Gate and if you don't know what that is then you're probably screwed with me explaining anymore.

Here's another twist you can freeze the game at any point and give your team - who you get to hand pick before you leave camp - an order to carry out on the battlefield. OR there's a tactics menu where you can program a party member do perform a certain way in a certain situation. The Archer for example could be programmed to switch weapon sets on the fly depending on if he/she is getting hit by ranged attacks or melees. Programmed to use items when he/she is in peril and of course buff themselves with Focus aim and other archer type abilities. You can also program special attacks and moves that require another party members for some serious devistation. Very similar to Final Fantasy XII, which is my favorite Final Fantasy combat system. Well I love Final Fantasy Tactics. Oh no I'm blithering blathering.

Dragon Age Origins doesn't have great graphics, but they aren't bad either. This is a PC type game. It's not really designed to look like a God of War III. DAO is about depth and combat. Besides the final battle and some of the other sequences of the game look really amazing. Don't worry about the graphics Jimmy.

I'm close to 60 hours and now that I have to go backwards a little bit, I'm sure it will be well over 60 hours. Yeah I thought I was a bad ass going up to the Archdemon, turns out I was very ill prepared. First of all it took me like 2 hours to fight my way to him. Then I spent about another 2 hours fighting him, because I died like 4 times. If I only had more magic potion, we'd be talking about the ending of the game right here. So I went back a few saves and I know now to **Pro-Tip** go to the Elf camp and make a shit load of potions. Don't be a Jimmy!

There's tons of DLC for the game, hell there's a whole-notha disc called Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening with new characters and missions to do. It's like $28 and Dragon Age Origins keeps a pretty good MSRP of $38 or so. So it's still popular. I know Estrada loved it. Irrelevant. I definitely think it's worth the $38 bucks. Plus there's other DLC options to choose from too like 3 or 4 different missions. I'm probably gonna pick up Awakening now, just because I need the adventure to continue.

I would say Dragon Age Origins is a buy. If you're into pure tactility and really setting up a whole party very strategically, you have got to at least try this game. Get addicted!

The first ever SFW PG-13 Vlog! Rick "Papabear" Velazquez stops by again for the new vlog with a couple more surprises. This is on of my favorite vlogs of all time Jimmy!

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 And now I present to you ... Vlog #11



Dragon Age Origins first impressions

By: goukijones Nov 9, 2009 | 4 Comments

I'm about 10 hours into right now. My feelings are completely mixed.

I've probably spent more time in the menus trying to figure out how all the shit works more than actually exploring or fighting. Did you know you can do crafting in dragon age? Which from what I've experienced is more of a waste of time. I'd rather just by cures from the shops.  

Random points of interest ...  

At one point you can pretend to be a vet and analyze a sick "deer" type creature. I choose to kill it. What's funny here is, I was so bored by all the story lines at this point I was skipping through everything chat scene and the next clip I saw was the dear with its throat slit lying on the ground. Awesome!  

The cuts scenes are horrible ... the graphics are horrible.  

The shops are so confusing. You can't see what the value of items are in your personal inventory you have to go to a shop. The shops and menus are even worse after some Jimmy juice!  

It's really easy to give up on this game early. Maybe I should have dedicated more time to Demon's Souls. Once you get to the forest area and the game seems to branch out it does get a little more interesting.  

I got mixed feelings about this game Jimmy. Right now I would say rent it. It's nothing like Mass Effect or KOTOR or the PREVIEW and commercials you see on TV. 


Have it Delivered for $56.99 w/ free shipping! 

Dragon Age Origins Xbox 360 Game EA


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