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About: Street Fighter X Tekken (x)

Las Vegas, NV. April 13, 2013. Hosted by Location Insert Coin(s) Featuring EG Ricky Ortiz, EG Floe, Mike Ross & Gootecks.

On commentary. Gootecks, Mike Ross, & Cinderkin.

Check out the full SFxT bracket here:

*We got bodied early on in the day with some audio problems & never recovered. Check your audio levels.

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Check out

Gootecks & Mike Ross confirmed for Generations fighting game tournament in Las Vegas this weekend. (Floe is a probably going to Vegas.)

Jump to 59:11 for the plug. 

Looking forward to having these guys in town this weekend. You can register now over at Space is limited, only 32 entries per game. 

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Just practicing some SFxT. IC Ruin & IS Suhpreme. Special thank to Suhpreme for his first visit to For me it was Tuesdays. Enjoy the matches.

Apologies the stream is quite optimized for SFxT just yet. Plus we stream is 720 & I'm not sure our connection is supporting that correctly.

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You decide, is this what you've been waiting for to get back into the Street Fighter X Tekken action? Here's a look at the changes taking place in the 2013 version update.

Well it's great that Capcom is still puting work into this, but they put work into SF4 for like 4 years too. When's Mahvel? Everyone keeps asking. I think we're not going to see a new version of UMvC3, but perhaps a Marvel 4 sooner than we think, like before the next Avengers movie. If the FGC continues to grow & Marvel movies continue to destroy at the box office, a new Marvel fighting game is going to be HUGE. Wait, wasn't this story about SFxT?

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Capcom has just released it's mobile version of Street Fighter X Tekken. They've also uploaded a new video showing off some of it's features.

This looks well.... bad. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed SFxT on consoles and I also enjoyed Street Fighter Volt on the mobile, but this just looks terrible. Very tiny cast of characters none of which are from the recently released DLC characters. It was made for the iPad this time which makes the game look better, but I just don't know if it's worth it right now.

If you are interested you can pick the game up on sale for $2.99 which full price is at $4.99. Not a bad deal, as long as they continue support with free DLCupdates like they did for SF Volt.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!

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