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By Arthvader — July 6, 2012
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An update regarding Street Fighter X Tekken with the DLC Characters and future Patches.


     As stated at the Capcom Panel during EVO, Capcom announced that the release date for the 12 DLC characters has moved up to July 31st, and will cost $19.99, or 1600 MSP.  They had also announced that they will stay away from On-Disk Content in the future, based on user feedback.

The 12 Characters in question are:


During the panel, they also went over some of the potential changes in the upcoming balance patch:


In my opinion, I'm glad to see that they are going to bring out the 12 DLC characters early at the end of this month. I might probably pick them up as soon as they are available to download. of the 12 characters that are coming out, I can't wait to start using Lars and Elena. I'm also glad to hear some of the fixes they're going to do for this game as well.

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