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Jimmy Gem Video Game Awards 2017

By: goukijones Dec 31, 2017 | 2 Comments

GoukiJones' top 9 favorite games from 2017. Old and new.

#9 Halo Wars 2: was the first major release for me this year that I was really into.  The original came out in 2009 or something and I was still playing it up to the release of this new version.  I played the new version for a little while, but as I sit here and try to recollect my experiences… There isn’t much.  I don’t have much desire to play this game, it just seems to have way too much going on.  I’d try to play the original Halo Wars again before I booted part 2 up.

#8 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: This is my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.  I was so thrilled to hear Square was planning to re-release this game in 2017.  I got it and beat it again.  Easily the FF game I’ve beaten the most.  I plan to go back in, one more time, to max out every character.  One of these days...
Check out my REVIEW

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2012 Jimmy Gems - The nominees

By: BatRastered Jan 2, 2013 | 11 Comments

Who will win the coveted Jimmy seal of approval? Here are the nominees...

Worst Game:

The Witcher 2

GoukiJones - I hated this game, by the time I made it to the second area, I just couldn't take it anymore. I know there was a big PC following for the first 1, but the combat didn't work too well on the XBOX. The story was bleh & the level designs weren't that great, because it's not long into playing that you realize the areas are no bigger that a large Halo map with only so many enemies.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

GoukiJones - I hate this game. Even tho I played it for 56 hours, I just wanted to see how far I could push myself. I wanted to see just how terrible it can get. A spaceship strong enough to crash to the earth, but isn't strong enough to take a round from a human pistol is not good game design. Huge disappointment.

Dragon's Dogma

GoukiJones - I might catch some slack for this 1. I only played this game for 8 hours or so & hated every second of it. While going online & trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I came across so many reviews about why this game sucks & why you shouldn't play. Well I didn't, thanks Raychul & Angry Joe

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

GoukiJones - First of all the colors, I hated them. Jimmy don’t like World of Warcraft colors. The combat was dull & the questing was a lot of fetching & backtracking. Not something I was interested in after just playing Fallout New Vegas & other RPG’s around that time. I remember loving the KoA at E3 when I saw, but when I actually sat down to play I realized it was all lies.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon city

GoukiJones - 1 of the worst games of all time easy. Whenever I see video of us playing this game I really wonder WTF was it about & I can’t believe we wasted anytime playing. Capcom just don’t give a fuck about the RE franchise anymore. Fuck this game.

BatRastered - just throwing bullets at enemies who don’t seem to take any damage and have no health bars, then running out of ammo, finally just rushing down the objectives in a suicide run that turns out was the way you were supposed to do it (what?). This game was a confusing mess.


Best Arcade:

Mark of the Ninja

GoukiJones - 1 of the most clever games I played this & probably 1 of the best Ninja games of all time. Fun to play, there’s multiple way to take down each enemy or you can try to sneak by everyone. There are some great line of sight gameplay elements that make MotN a big time winner with me.

Double Dragon Neon

GoukiJones - As a remake of an old arcade DDN adds new levels & better action. There’s also an RPG element where you can switch out special abilities as you collect them thru the game. This is great for 2 players.


Best Game Not Released in 2012:

Final Fantasy XII

GoukiJones - Another 80 hours on this game, no problem. Great combat, great characters & voice acting, this might be my favorite Final Fantasy of all time.

Halo Wars

GoukiJones - 810 hours. 1 of the best strategy games on XBOX. Please make a Halo Wars 2. Thank you.

Super Street Fighter IV AE

GoukiJones - I’m opposite of BatRastered on this. Even tho I’m not playing SSF4 that much, I’m still playing it now & focusing on it more than ever.

BatRastered - I’m not playing this as much as in the past, but the 2012 patch really evened things out. At the grand finals for the 25th anniversary tournament, there were 6 different characters represented in the top 8. Balance!

Final Fantasy Tactics
BatRastered - I played this on PSN this year for $10. I played the hell out of this and enjoyed every second of it. The job system is still my favorite FF mechanic ever.


Glitchiest Game: (aka the Q&ehhh award)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

GoukiJones - This game was so broken, I was just playing to see WTF would go wrong next. Aliens could shoot thru walls, that was the worst & totally unfair.
BatRastered - Seriously, just watching GoukiJones play this for 5 minutes produced no fewer than 3 actual laugh-out-loud moments.

Borderlands 2
BatRastered - The sequel to the game with the most invisible walls doesn’t disappoint. There were some serious problems this time though, people had their bad ass ranks reset and certain characters would freeze when nearing a save point. Much of this has been patched, but the latest patch broke all the damage bonuses for shotguns. There’s even a glitch to allow you to store unlimited items in the bank.


Milk Carton Award:


GoukiJones - Yeah WTF happened here? Is this still a real game?
BatRastered - I don’t even remember what this was about.

XCOM (the other one)

GoukiJones - Please tell me this version is still coming out. I was looking forward to this Mass Effect style alien hunter shooter.
BatRastered - I was never impressed by what I saw of this at E3, but the silence about this game after Enemy Unknown was announced is deafening.

The Last Guardian

GoukiJones - LOL this game. Canceled, not canceled. Secretly in development in some underground bunker by a now NEW set of Jimmys. The third set.
BatRastered - The creator of the game left the company, but is still “consulting” on this project. LOL.


GoukiJones - Here’s a game we saw game play from 2 years ago. Square Enix hasn’t said shit since, but claims it’s still in development.


GoukiJones - You could have made a ton of money on this game month ago if you had just released 2 characters, 2 buttons like you originally stated that was about. Now WTF is it & what are you doing to it?
BatRastered - This was hilarious when the trailer dropped and the demo at UFGT. It was still pretty funny at EVO, but then they started to add characters and moves and now it’s gonna be a real fighting game with balance and moves and … WTF? I don’t care anymore. Could’ve made thousands of dollars as an iPhone/android/indie Xbox game. Xbox app

GoukiJones - I need this. Why is this so hard.
BatRastered - The IE on Xbox doesn’t do flash, so no way to watch Twitch. I still have to connect my laptop to the TV. What year is this?


What Physics?

Sleeping Dogs

GoukiJones - When you get banned at E3 because in the demo you show me the guy steering the car isn’t turning the wheel or even touching the wheel to be clear, I’m not going to play.
BatRastered - When you shoot out a tire on a care it launches like a rocket. We LOL’ed. Then it landed and continued on it’s way like nothing happened. We almost got thrown out of the room.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

GoukiJones - Read any of my other comments about this game on this page. Read my review & watch my gameplay videos. Seriously, this game is a mess.


Rubber Bullet Award:

Halo 4

BatRastered: Sure, if you had a DMR or sniper, you could kill the Prometheans in 4 or 5 shots, but if you got stuck with a suppressor (basically an SMG) or AR, you will be unloading full clips into their face before they teleport away and make you do it again to kill them. And that was on normal difficulty.


GoukiJones - On the hardest difficulty level there isn’t more enemies or even smarter enemies. They just take more bullets to shoot. We were playing with 4 people & still shooting the same nuab with entire clips. Terrible.
BatRastered - From my review: “On the highest difficulty setting, the unarmored heads of the military foes can take a half a dozen shots from an assault rifle before finally blowing up in a shower of blood. Many of the boss battles feature big baddies (such as the Nemesis and Tyrants) but you can't really tell if you're doing any damage to them (there's no life meters and they don't really react to the bullet hits) which makes the encounters feel tedious. Worse, there are encounters where you are not able to injure your opponent, you are simply supposed to advance on them until a cut scene triggers, but you don't know that so you sit there and fire at them for half an hour before someone in your party gets tired of it and goes all LEROY JENKINS and charges them. Ugh.”


Best Character:

Ultimate Badass God-liath Goon (Bordlerands 2)

GoukiJones - Nothing excited me more about Borderlands 2 than hunting this monster. 1 he is hilarious when he gets pissed off & starts chasing. Special bonus it’s the same voice actor from Dragon Ball Z, Mr Satan. So it’s pretty funny to hear Hercule behind you screaming he’s gonna gouge your eyeballs out.

BatRastered - this goes for any raging Goliath variant (once you pop the helmet off of a goliath, they go crazy). Some of the best dialog in the game just being screamed at you as he chases you down, pummelling all other enemies who dare get in his way. Awesome!

Death (Darksiders II)

GoukiJones - Death is funnier than he looks although I’m not sure he’s trying to be. This character has great 1 liners & he looks dope. Perfect brother for War.

Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

BatRastered - Jack is a villain that both fits in with the Borderlands style humor and is evil enough to make you want to kill him. That’s a tough trick to pull off, but Jack does it with style.


Best Game:

Halo 4

GoukiJones - By far the best Halo shooting experience in years. Something else about this Halo is that it has brought back a lot of old players from the serious & my friends list always has somebody who want to play. I've logged over 180 on Halo 4 so far. Unfortunately the story was garbage, the last level was probably the worst level in Halo history & there is no final boss fight. WTF?

Borderlands 2

GoukiJones - Great cam to play with friends & compete on who has the best gear. It's also nice to share & trade gear Jimmy. I already have over 200 hours into Borderlands 2 & when the level cap is increased I'm sure I'll go up closer to 300.

Mass Effect 3

GoukiJones - Any game I play thru 2-3 times back to back is going to get a nod from me. Mass Effect is great fun. The multiplayer isn't bad either, especially since you can play on 2 XBOXs with 1 copy of ME3. Stolen!

BatRastered - Had a surprisingly good time in the multiplayer (yeah, partially because the 2 disk format allowed us to play together with only one copy of the game). The story was great, the ending was a little weird and abrupt, but EA/Bioware put out a patch that made more sense. All the multiplayer map packs were free. Awesome game, awesome support.

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2011 Jimmy Gems: and the winners are...

By: BatRastered Jan 5, 2012 | 4 Comments gives you its favorite games of 2011, plus your votes.

Best PS3 Exclusive


BatRastered says: I played the first inFAMOUS because I got it for free on the PSN when they came back from the hacking debacle. It was probably the most fun I've had on the PS3 since I've owned one. Naturally when inFAMOUS 2 was released I had to play it. While it didn't leave the same impression on me that the original did, I still loved it. It's too bad the user generated content didn't live up to the hype.

GoukiJones says: I didn't play it. Well I actually I did, I beat the shit out of it at CES 2010. Exclusive! After that I wasn't really interested. I watched Batty play it a little and I still wasn't interested.

User's Choice: DC Universe Online

Most Disappointing


GoukiJones says: Wow! I couldn't have been more disappointed in myself after playing this game. I said it 2 years ago at E3 when I first played this game. "It felt stiff." Oh and it certainly was. 

BatRastered says: A game that goes from one of GoukiJones' most hyped games to us returning un-opened copies to Amazon in the space of a few hours has to be nominated. The movement was supposed to differentiate this game, I knew it was in trouble when the Crysis 2 came out and did the same thing (vaulting, etc).

User's Choice: Brink

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2011 Jimmy Gems: Game of the Year Nominees

By: BatRastered Dec 21, 2011 | 7 Comments

Some games are just that much better than others. Here are's official nominees for 2011 Game of the Year. Let the debate begin!

Batman: Arkham City

BatRastered says: Easily my most anticipated game of the year. Arkham Asylum was so good that its sequel couldn't possibly live up to the hype, and yet it did. I played through Arkham City twice (once on new game+) and enjoyed every minute of it. If anything, the combat was better than the original. The story was awesome and the voice acting top notch. This Batman had everything you could want in a single player experience. If they could only make it so you and your friends could go through as Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing in a 4-player co-op, it'd probably be the best multiplayer too.

GoukiJones says: Played it on hard. Batman Arkham City was the best experience from start to finish for a complete game. It didn't break. There weren't any bugs. Batman AA also had spot on gameplay and controls. A great story. I only played through this once, but I know for sure it will be revisited in 2012. 

FnJimmy says: Watch my Golden Video Review...

Battlefield 3

BatRastered says: What Batman was to single player games, Battlefield is to multiplayer... to the extent that the campaign is on disk 2 (and not really worth your time). Team up to take down (or defend) objectives or just go all out in death match. You can blow the buildings to little bits, collapsing floors on peoples heads or just removing their cover. Don't get me started on laying down claymore mines, nothing's reminded me of the fun of Goldeneye's proximity mines more than this... watch your ass coming up those stairs Jimmy... BOOM!

GouiJones says: Easily the best time online right now since Halo 2. Unfortunately my friends from that era are MIA. For all you Jimmys that picked up that ridiculous run and gun snorefest MW3 and have either; stopped playing it after that first week or traded it/ sold it. WTF. Great shooting. Great integration of vehicles. Excellent and unique game modes. Platoons MOFO! Always on the Live Stream. Watch 'Cision 'Nade this nuab!

Portal 2

BatRastered says: One of the more well rounded games this year, and probably my second most anticipated. Portal 2 not only had an awesome, funny single player story, it was joined by a somehow even more compelling co-op mode. Not to mention free DLC that expanded the co-op even further and added leader boards to the single player campaign. What's not to love?

GoukiJones says: Portal 2 is super fun alone and with a friend. Great controls. Free DLC. Cheap price. Great voice acting. Fun story. Excellent characters. There's a reason why the Valve Jimmys only release games every couple years. 

Gears of War 3

BatRastered says: Playing co-op through the main storyline was a blast, even if we did have to carry FnJimmy through most of it. The new horde mode is fun and playing the other side in beast mode was a novel treat. The main multiplayer was great too while it lasted, too many other good games came out in the weeks after to keep us on it though.

GoukiJones says: Fun campaign. Quality multiplayer, just didn't get into it. Fun to play online campaigns with your buds. Look at FnJimmy's face. I can't stand it!

FnJimmy says:

Dragon Age II

GoukiJones says: Nobody talks about Dragon Age II. WTF. DA2 had way better dragon combat than Skyrim. That's one. I loved the team based combat. The combat is what actually stole the show for me here. I was so interesting in getting into the next fight. I played through this game 3 times. I did try it on super hard, but then there was friendly fire and my team wasn't set up for ranged attacks. I was using a two-handed weapon and ripping my team to shreds every time they got near me. Dragon Age II wasn't perfect, it broke and slowed down like a snail when I played as a mage. I still highly recommend playing this game. Easily one of the best from 2011.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

BatRastered says: I can't really get into playing this game... I love watching the masters play this at tournaments though. Some of the combos they pull off are just insane. The game looks great too, very colorful and smooth. Where is Gambit?

GoukiJones says: Poison tip across FnJimmy's grill. That's what he likes. Eat chain! Oh wait this is not a rant about how bad FnJimmy is at video games? UMvC3 is super fun and highly competitive. The Fighting Game Community is super hype over this game. I love to play it and watch other people play it. I enjoy learning and improving in the game as well. I haven't felt competitive with a fighter in many many years. UMvC3 is easily the best fighting game of the year. 

Anomaly Warzone Earth

GoukiJones says: 3 days of my life gone. I was so determined to figure this game out and beat the crap out of it. My only sad face here is that it was short. lol. Well I guess I don't know how long it would have taken me if I hadn't played it non-stop for 3 days. Anomaly also opened up the world of Steam. I had always been a hardcore console gamer. That and I never thought any of my computers were capable of playing PC games. Anomaly is a top down reverse tower defense. So you are a train of vehicles trying to get from one side of the map to the other. Meanwhile aliens have set up defense turrets all through out the city you must destroy or navigate past. A tower defense/strategy gamers dream. Must play.

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Honestly I probably spent more hours this year playing older games than new releases. Here's our nominees of Best Game Still Playing Not Released in 2011.

Halo Wars

GoukiJones says: This year BatRastered got hooked on the Halo Wars. I have put over 500 hours in the game myself. Where the FUCK is Halo Wars 2?!

BatRastered says: Halo Wars has tons of staying power... mostly because there isn't a sequel and there's nothing else like it on the Xbox. The studio that made it has closed and several of the old employees created several new companies (none of which own the Halo IP of course) so we're probably screwed.

Mass Effect

GoukiJones says: I played through Mass Effect 1 & 2 again this year. Both on HARD difficulty. Mass Effect 1 is clearly a better game. Don't get me started on the bullets being added to ME2.

BatRastered says: I played through ME1 again this year too, and yes ME1 is a better game IMO. I hope they have more of the RPG style inventory and upgrades in ME3, but I'm not holding my breath.

Uncharted 2

GoukiJones says: I also played through both Uncharted games again this year. And even though I think the shooting was better in the first game. Uncharted 2 was just so well put together from beginning to end. Although this second playthrough for me, I played on hard, ran though in less than 3 days and the final boss Jimmy didn't touch me once.

BatRastered says: I didn't replay this in 2011, but I did play UC3, and if you read my review you'd know that I didn't find it "better" than UC2.

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2011 Jimmy Gems: Best Original Game Nominees

By: goukijones Dec 19, 2011 | 6 Comments

There were a few games this year that introduced new ideas to the video game world. Here are our favorites.

Anomaly Warzone Earth

GoukiJones says: I'm a big strategy gamer dude and when I heard the premise of Anomaly Warzone Earth, I knew I had to have a go. I played the shit out of this game for 3 days straight. Anomaly is a reverse tower defense game, so you control and upgrade the vehicles trying to get through the maze.

BatRastered says: Reverse tower defense... something new I guess. It looked cool from what I saw on GoukiJones' screen. Not my type of game, but original, yes.


GoukiJones says: The humor and commentary all through out the game, make Bastion fun and entertaining. The constant commentary is definitely something original and you'll get a few good laughs for sure.

BatRastered says: Yeah, the design and commentary were original, but it seemed like a fairly normal game underneath that. Still, props for doing something different.


GoukiJones says: Here we go again with another Steam strategy game. Another game -when I got my hands on it- I didn't stop playing for 3 days straight. Sanctum is a building, strategy, FPS. My absolute 3 favorite things in gaming. You have to check out Sanctum.

BatRastered says: Moving into the tower defense in first person looked cool. I'd like to see some more advanced shooting though, what I saw looked very basic.

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2011 Jimmy Gems: Best DLC Nominees

By: BatRastered Dec 17, 2011 | 6 Comments

Some games get better with age, especially when new characters or maps are added. These are the nominees for best DLC in 2011

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion pack

BatRastered says: New maps, new game modes, new guns (and new ways to earn them) makes an already excellent MP shooter even better. Not to mention the fact that most of the issues present at launch are now history. Better yet, if you pre-ordered BF3, this expansion was free!

GoukiJones says: Harrier Jets! Are they Harriers? They float. The game modes are always welcome. Four new maps is great. Especially when I can remember these maps on old Battlefield games.

Portal 2: Peer Review DLC

BatRastered says: Another free DLC. We like free. This DLC adds the challenge leaderboards for the single player maps that were strangely missing from the initial release (strange because the original portal included them). The co-op mode was the surprise star of this game though, and the Peer Review DLC includes a bunch of new levels for the co-op mode... again, for free! Passing weighted storage cubes back and forth over a wall to your partner is great fun. Catching a thrown cube while you're flying through the air is always a delight. 

GoukiJones says: I love free DLC. I love Portal. After we figure out all of these new rooms though, we'll probably never play it again. 

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (and v2012 patch)

BatRastered: The Arcade Edition expansion was not free, but it did include four new playable characters and a complete re-balancing of the game. If you're a Yun or Yang user, you were thrilled with this. If not, you were just happy you could upgrade via DLC instead of having to buy a whole new game again this year. Capcom gave the fans even more though as the AE 2012 patch was released last week for free, featuring a whole new re-balancing of every character for increased competitiveness. 

GoukiJones says: Personally I haven't had a go with this update yet. I have been thinking about bringing the Cammy out from the dungeon. Perhaps get into some Hakan again as well. He starts oiled up. Slippery!

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What games came out only Xbox 360 this year AND were good? Have a look at the nominees.

Gears of War 3

GoukiJones says: For the same reasons mentioned in the best multiplayer category, I love the Gears Campaign. Gears also has a fun story, great graphics and the shooting mechanics are spot on. But I didn't play the Multiplayer too much. Xbox needs more exclusive.

BatRastered says: This series is second only to Halo for the Xbox console. Read what I said in best multiplayer, it still holds here, plus a great campaign, great graphics and sound, not to mention a game that "just works" which unfortunately is actually a feature these days.


GoukiJones says: Available for PC now, but exclusive to the Xbox when it was released during the Summer of Arcade. I played this game and beat the crap out it. It's very unique, has a great combat system and keeps you playing until the end. A classic.

BatRastered: I haven't played this except for a brief demo at E3. It looks cool and the narration is "comical" as FnJimmy would say. I'll probably try this out if it goes on sale when there are few other games to play.

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What are the best games to play with friends? The nominees are...

Battlefield 3

BatRastered says: The maps are huge, the shooting is spot on, and the environments are destructible. What a FPS multiplayer experience should be. I just wish they'd dumb down the helicopter flight controls so a Jimmy like me could fly them.

GoukiJones says: This is probably the best shooting experience I've ever played. The threat of realism in the game is amazing. Just last night I was standing on some stairs and a tank shot out the floor below me, the stairs and myself collapsed. Also the water tower fell on me last night. Vintage. Platoon up Jimmy!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

BatRastered says: I don't like this game, don't vote for it.

GoukiJones says: Just because BatRastered doesn't understand how to play it for whatever reason doesn't mean you should hate too. I've spent a ton of hours in Marvel 3 and Ultimate and I love it. Plus I destroy Jimmy every time. Great fun, passes the time away quickly. 

Gears of War 3

BatRastered says: An awesome co-op campaign experience, an improved horde mode that allows you to build defenses, and a new "beast mode" that allows you to play as the other side of the horde mode battle. There's also the standard death match and objective modes. FnJimmy sucks at all of the above. Proof:

GoukiJones says: Yes, this is exactly what it was like for three nights trying to beat the Gears of War 3 with FnJimmy. He had no clue how to perimeter check during the final boss and it took us 2 nights. But I loved every second of it. 

Portal 2

BatRastered says: The addition of a co-op campaign was a pleasant surprise for Portal 2. They even included a way to communicate your intentions with gestures if you didn't have a mic. Good times.

GoukiJones says: I barely remember this. BatRastered and I railed this in like 2 nights. Puzzle games are no good for me because once I solve the puzzle all challenges are gone. Now if this turned into some portal death match against Batty then I'm all for it. 

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There were some classic disappointments this year. Never a good thing.


GoukiJones says: Wow! I couldn't have been more disappointed in myself after playing this game. I said it 2 years ago at E3 when I first played this game. "It felt stiff." Oh and it certainly was. 

BatRastered says: A game that goes from one of GoukiJones' most hyped games to us returning un-opened copies to Amazon in the space of a few hours has to be nominated. The movement was supposed to differentiate this game, I knew it was in trouble when the Crysis 2 came out and did the same thing (vaulting, etc).

Halo CE

GoukiJones says: WTF? Are you trying to kill off the series? First of all the co-op should have been 4 players. Second, why couldn't a multiplayer disc be included like with ODST. I wasn't interested in this at all and this is coming from a guy who has over 185 hours of gameplay in the first 2 months.

BatRastered says: The HD remastering of the main game was good, but fracturing the multiplayer by not including the full-on multiplayer experience was a bad idea. Still, playing with the old pistol again was a blast, so I don't feel too strongly about this one.


GoukiJones says: Yeah I knew this was a bust when I played this at E3 this year. Not falling for the Brink relapse here Jimmy. 

BatRastered says: Oh, Bethesda... WTF? Can we ever trust you with a shooter again? Nope.

L.A. Noire

GoukiJones says: I seen enough here...
FnJimmy L.A. Noire GVR

BatRastered says: This game practically plays itself. Sure you can get a better score or a better reaction from the other characters if you do things right, but doing things wrong doesn't really impede your progress in anyway, you still move on to the next case. Better than your average point and click style mystery solver, but not anywhere near what we were expecting from a Rockstar game.

Mortal Kombat

GoukiJones says: Played this 1 time. There was nothing exciting about it or anything that kept me interesting right aasawzzzzzzzzzzzz

BatRastered says: The players at EVO don't even bother with the fatalities and such, making this game just as boring to watch as to play. Also, I don't want to buy an MK stick.

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2011 Jimmy Gems: Best PS3 Exclusive nominees

By: BatRastered Dec 13, 2011 | 6 Comments

The best of the best for the Playstation 3. And the nominees are...


BatRastered says: I played the first inFAMOUS because I got it for free on the PSN when they came back from the hacking debacle. It was probably the most fun I've had on the PS3 since I've owned one. Naturally when inFAMOUS 2 was released I had to play it. While it didn't leave the same impression on me that the original did, I still loved it. It's too bad the user generated content didn't live up to the hype.

GoukiJones says: I didn't play it. Well I actually I did, I beat the shit out of it at CES 2010. Exclusive! After that I wasn't really interested. I watched Batty play it a little and I still wasn't interested.

Uncharted 3

BatRastered says: I never played the first, but I loved the second game. Uncharted 3 is more of the same... much more of the same... and while that means more good stuff, it was hard for me to shake the feeling that I've played this before. Having said that, the cruise ship level stands as a shining example of both level and graphical design. Just for that it would be nominated, but it also has an interesting multiplayer... if you like third person jumping and climbing in your deathmatches.

GoukiJones says: I'm about halfway through playing that right now. Why does the blonde chick look completely different in this game? Way less attractive if you ask me. Other than that it seems like more walking and talking and less adventuring. It looks great and plays good, the multiplayer is cool, but I've only got a few hours in that. No friends. Sad face.

DC Universe Online

BatRastered says: Honestly this game probably wouldn't have got a shot if it wasn't now free to play.  That's because we gave a copy to FnJimmy to review. He never did anything with it  (he kept saying he was waiting for the "full on version") and when he brought the disk back so we could try it, we were disappointed to find out that you couldn't use a used disk and create a new account. Yup they straight up refused our $15 per month. Now that it's free to play we've given it a chance and it turns out it is pretty fun.

GoukiJones says: Free to play sign me up. Too bad this went free to play right before Ultimate, Skyrim, Battlefield were all released or about to be released and I just couldn't find time to play. Plus no friends on the DCUO. Sad face x2.

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Jimmy Gems video game awards 2010 winners

By: BatRastered Dec 29, 2010 | 12 Comments

And the awards go to...

Most Disappointing Game

Final Fantasy XIV

BatRastered: Any game that sends you a letter apologizing for itself is a strong contender here. I mean, holy crap. I knew this game was trouble when goukijones couldn't get the benchmark program to run on a newish Windows 7 machine. It’s amazing that, even though I didn’t expect this game to be good at all, I was still very disappointed by what it turned out to be.

Goukijones: From the moment BatRastered explained that the benchmark program was trying to use DirectX 9 - from 10 years ago. To the letter I got from Square Enix that said "We fired everybody, We're very sorry, FF14 is still free." This is by far one of the biggest debacles in the history of video games. Square Enix went from 14 billion $$$ to 1 billion $$$ estimated earnings. Square Enix rushed FF14 out to try and capture an escaping market from WoW and FF11. Square Enix also tried to get a jump on other major MMO releases like DC Universe Online and the Star Wars The Old Republic. Also the most recent WoW update railed the FF14 sales. Because of all of this, Deus EX was "delayed", I say it's canceled. There's rumors that FF13 Versus or whatever those alleged spin-offs were called, have also been canceled. Kingdom Hearts III is never going to come out. Square Enix and it's fans are in for a rough 2011.


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