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GoukiJones' top 9 favorite games from 2017. Old and new.

#9 Halo Wars 2: was the first major release for me this year that I was really into.  The original came out in 2009 or something and I was still playing it up to the release of this new version.  I played the new version for a little while, but as I sit here and try to recollect my experiences… There isn’t much.  I don’t have much desire to play this game, it just seems to have way too much going on.  I’d try to play the original Halo Wars again before I booted part 2 up.

#8 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age: This is my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.  I was so thrilled to hear Square was planning to re-release this game in 2017.  I got it and beat it again.  Easily the FF game I’ve beaten the most.  I plan to go back in, one more time, to max out every character.  One of these days...
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#7 Cities Skylines: Some of my oldest gaming moments are with Sim City and SNES Sim City.  Back in 2013 or something, EA released Sim City again and it was pretty much shit.  A couple years back Cities Skylines came out.  If you love city building and management games, this is by far the best one ever.  I love Sim City 4 and Cities Skylines is like a full-on complete version of that game.  Try it out!

#6 Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood: As the year goes on with this game, I’m playing less and less.  That’s kinda normal though when some MMO’s experience downtime in between patches.  I try to keep myself motivated with crafting and leveling up some jobs, but right now, I’m just waiting for the next patch which is sometime in January.  Then I will be back to gearing up my main class, for what?  Just to put it back on the shelf until the next expansion.  I’m wondering if this game has another year left in it for me.  However, if you are NOT at endgame, the game is a blast to play and it’s even better with friends.  Check out my REVIEW

#5 Mario and the Rabbids is a game with so many reasons to play it.  Mario has a gun, it is a tactical shooter and it is a third party game made by Ubisoft.  The maps are very detailed with all kinds of wonderful Super Mario X Rabbids easter eggs.  I haven’t played any Rabbids game, but they are just like the little yellow minions from that movie, which I’ve never watched either.  I get it, it’s stupid. like pets/monsters/minions that cause trouble.  It’s all done in good taste and the most important part about all of this is, it’s a good tactical shooter.

#4 Super Mario Odyssey came out after Zelda BotW so I expected it to be on par with that level of quality.  It sure is!  I can’t believe this year with the Zelda and the Mario. It’s like I was living the greatest times of my Nintendo 64 life again.  Both games felt like such a grown-up version of those.  This Mario game has perfect controls, just search for any jumping videos online (I don’t have any) but people are jumping and skipping through half of the puzzles using an amazing hit, skip and hop jumping.  The story of the game lets Mario really travel to whatever place somebody could dream up.  That’s why there’s a New Donk City in one area and a T-Rex in another.  It’s all done very well, everything meshes.  The music is original and updated with remix tracks and old-school themes.  Plus there is a radio player in the game so you can listen to whatever track you like while playing.  Probably the best Super Mario game ever made.

#3 Mordor: Shadows of War allowed you to capture unique Captains out in the field.  You would build your own Orc army which you could summon to aid, defend a fortress, attack a fortress, turn on you, and my favorite, battle for you in an Orc Arena.  You would pick an Orc from your army which ranged from white level rarity to purple epic level rarity.  Put them into an arena to battle an NPC Orc.  All of the Orcs had different abilities, weapons, weaknesses, and strengths.  I’m telling you, it is a very in-depth system.  I have, absolutely, one of the best armies online.  Later they added PvP Orc battles, like Me VS You.  Great stuff.  You will have a great time with this game.

#2 Star Wars Battlefront II is the game I’ve spent the most time with this year.  I had my doubts about this game, but I tried the beta, and even though it was only one level, I loved it.  The shooting is really spot on in this game, you die so fast you feel like a real Stormtrooper.  Hearing a lightsaber in the next room or an AT-ST tank walking around outside the structure gives you a really scary feeling.  I didn’t play old Battlefront games, I played Battlefield.  I didn’t want to play a game so similar back in the day.  In recent times, I skipped the new Battlefield 1 and waited for Battlefront II.  Battlefront I looked like a lot of fun and I wasn’t going to miss out on this one.  Battlefront II did get a lot of heat when it was released, mostly about the loot boxes that were pay to win.  But the game didn’t actually release with that included.  EA saved the game with that move, if the game had come out and people could just pay instantly for what has taken me a week to get, I would have never played it.  The progression system worked out quite well I believe, people didn’t need a max level Darth Vader in the first week. Unlocking characters and cards is not a chore, in fact, I really did get a good feeling of pride and accomplishment.  At the time of writing this, I am Rank 42 with all of my major class over 30 and most of my heroes over 15!  Invite me.

#1 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This game blew my mind.  A world larger than Skyrim?!  Yes, and it is filled with 1000’s of secrets and puzzles for to be solved.  This goes along with my take on Super Mario Odyssey… Nintendo is making it look easy.  Some of the most inventive stuff in the game are the elements. How the storms work, where if you are wearing anything metal you get electrocuted by lightning.  If a fire bat chases you through tall grass, the grass will catch on fire, and you can see the trail of the chase behind you.  The environments are massive, and different zones feel different. How Link gets too hot in the desert or you can see his breath when he’s cold.  There’s a giant AT-AT-esque walking creature in the game that you have to get on while it’s in motion. When you do get on, there is a boss to fight inside.  Maybe writing about it isn’t the best way for to describe how I think that this game was a revolution and set a new standard for video games.  The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a marvel in game development and I can’t wait to see the next video game to top it.  Hopefully Red Dead will be that game.  Good luck 2018.  2017 was an amazing year for video games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Release Date: Mar 3, 2017

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